MHEDA Talks: Matthew Pollard on The Introvert’s Edge

April 1, 2024 Duration: 33:31

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with internationally-recognized consultant, speaker and author, Matthew Pollard. They discuss introverts in the workplace and how their path to success is different than an extovert. Matthew gives real life examples that demonstrate the importance of systems and processes for an introvert and how leaders can recognize […]

Convention Preview: AmyK Hutchens on Leading through Change

March 29, 2024 Duration: 01:44

AmyK previews what she will be covering in her 2024 MHEDA Convention business workshop, Leading through Change, presented on Tuesday, April 23, 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the psychological mindset of change and walk away with tools to help you and your team navigate the twists and turns […]

Convention Preview: Sam Richter on Generative AI

March 25, 2024 Duration: 01:22

Sam Richter previews what he will be covering in his 2024 MHEDA Convention general session, Embrace It: Generative AI and Your Future, presented on Tuesday, April 23, 11:15 am – 12:15 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how generative AI could transform business, communications, jobs, and everyday lives and how embracing it can give […]

Convention Preview: Sylvie di Giusto on Moving from Autopilot to Intention

March 13, 2024 Duration: 03:10

Sylvie di Giusto previews what she will be covering in her 2024 MHEDA Convention Keynote, The Power of Choice, presented on Tuesday, April 23, 8:30 am – 9:30 am. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the profound impact of intention on personal, professional and organizational growth. Convention Overview     Register Now Keynote Presentation: The Power of […]

MHEDA Networking Summit Recap: Charlotte, NC

February 15, 2024 Duration: 00:49

Another successful Networking Summit for MHEDA took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thank you to over 75 MHEDA Members who were able to join us, and a very special thank you to Carolina Handling LLC for hosting and sponsoring us at their facility. From February 12th-13th, we had a great time connecting and networking while […]

MHEDA Talks: Nate Storey on the MHEDA Convention Experience

January 22, 2024 Duration: 30:05

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Nate Storey, CEO & President of Storage Solutions and 2024 MHEDA Convention Chairman, about the experience of attending the MHEDA annual convention and how it can help grow your career and business. As convention chair, Nate is most excited to get in front of all […]

MHEDA Talks: American Logistics Aid Network on Charitable Activities

December 18, 2023 Duration: 29:32

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Kathy Fulton, Executive Director and Emilee Martichenko, Development Coordinator of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) about how your company can give back to help disaster survivors and economically challenged communities through material handling equipment contributions, monetary donations, and your logistics expertise. MHEDA members have […]

MHEDA Talks: Liz Richards & Jeannette Walker Past & Future Perspectives

November 28, 2023 Duration: 33:06

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Liz Richards, MHEDA CEO, and Jeannette Walker, MHEDA Interim CEO about the leadership transition due to Liz’s approaching retirement on December 31, 2023, They reflect on past perspectives of the association and industry and look forward to the 2024 program schedule and future direction of […]

2023 Women in Industry Conference Recap

November 9, 2023 Duration: 01:12

On behalf of MHEDA, MHI and WERC, Thank You to the over 100 women representing 50+ material handling companies from across the country who attended the 2023 Women in Industry Conference on November 2 at the Loews Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont, IL. Together we spent the day learning, connecting and enjoying MORE. Thank you […]

How Your Dealership Can Take Advantage of CFT (Certified Forklift Technician) Certification

August 24, 2023 Duration: 29:23

The shortage of highly skilled forklift technicians continues to be an ongoing trend that presents significant hiring challenges to dealerships of all sizes. To combat this, many dealerships report that they have recruited automotive technicians into their industry or look for students who are in programs like hydraulics, diesel, and industrial maintenance because there is […]

2023 Emerging Leaders Conference Recap

August 18, 2023 Duration: 02:56

On behalf of MHEDA, MHI and WERC, thank you to the more than 70 young professionals representing almost 50 material handling companies from across the country who attended the 2023 Emerging Leaders Conference on July 27 at the Loews Chicago Hotel. Together we spent the day learning about the power of words and sharing ideas […]

DSC 102: What are the Results & How Do I Use in My Business

June 9, 2023 Duration: 56:07

MHEDA has been dedicated to offering benchmarking resources to help members understand their profitability level and how they compare to their competition. The DSC Survey & Report is a tool that allows forklift dealerships, storage & handling distributors and systems integrators to confidentially submit financial data and in return receive a customizable, interactive dashboard for […]

Thank you for attending the MHEDA 2023 Convention!

May 15, 2023 Duration: 03:29

The Human Factor is hundreds of material handling industry professionals coming together in person for a few days to connect, learn, and share. Thank you to the nearly 700 MHEDA members and guests representing over 250 companies that joined us at the Grand Hyatt in Nashville. MHEDA’s leadership and staff are extremely grateful for your continued support […]

Emerging Leaders Conference: Word Power

May 1, 2023 Duration: 00:49

Words have power. As emerging leaders, the words we use with our teams, our peers and our customers all matter. After several challenging years, your people, peers and fellow professionals want to hear from you. Join MHEDA, MHI and WERC on July 27 in Chicago for a one-day Emerging Leaders Conference. We promise you a […]

DSC 101: How & Why to Participate in this Benchmarking Survey

March 14, 2023 Duration: 29:11

Are you curious about the DSC Survey but unsure what it entails? This presentation shows how to use this benchmarking tool and why members see value in participating. You will learn: What data is needed to participate? How is my data being used? Who is Mackay Research Group? Who in my company should get involved […]

MHEDA Talks: Judy Hoberman on Communications and Networking

March 13, 2023 Duration: 24:54

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with sales-leadership trainer and coach, Judy Hoberman, about the importance of communications and networking in business including barriers to effective communications, listening skills, generational differences, the effect of remote and hybrid employees, networking tips, and more.  Learn more from Judy during the MHEDA women in industry […]

MHEDA Talks: Meridith Elliott Powell on Succeeding in Times of Disruption

February 23, 2023 Duration: 23:49

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with hall of fame speaker, Meridith Elliott Powell, about how companies can succeed in times of disruption, finding and developing top talent, artificial intelligence, change management, and more.  Hear Meridith live at the 2023 MHEDA Annual Convention where she will be presenting the General Session, “Thrive: Turning […]

Connecting Passion, Purpose, and Culture – Leadership from the Inside Out

February 11, 2023 Duration: 56:36

These are incredibly trying times. Now more than ever, it’s important that we take great care of ourselves so that we deliver great care to those we serve. The session will include lessons learned from working with hundreds of organizations along with evidence-based research on these topics. You’ll leave the session with ideas and strategies […]

Stand Out Communications

February 10, 2023 Duration: 01:04

Communication comes in many forms and is different between genders, generations and industries. In order to build our business relationships, we must learn the proper way to communicate with each other. Join MHEDA for an interactive and engaging discussion around how women can strategically communicate. This skill is not only relevant, but critical. “Stand Out […]

MHEDA CEO Liz Richards Announces Retirement

November 28, 2022 Duration: 01:50

After 27-plus years at the helm of MHEDA, Liz Richards, CEO has announced that she will be retiring on December 31, 2023. “It has been an incredible experience to work with so many professionals in MHEDA, the Board of Directors, the membership and of course, the amazing team of associates who work tirelessly to bring […]

2022 Women in Industry Conference Recap

November 15, 2022 Duration: 03:13

On behalf of MHEDA, MHI and WERC, Thank You to the nearly 70 women representing 30+ material handling companies from across the country who attended the 2022 Women in Industry Conference on November 2 at the Loews Chicago O’Hare hotel in Rosemont, IL. Together we spent the day learning, connecting and Recalibrating. Thank you event […]

MHEDA Talks: Robin Ritz on Work/Life Balance

September 29, 2022 Duration: 31:44

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Robin Ritz, Creative Visionary at InCord, about work/life balance including identifying causes of a poor balance, setting boundaries, saying no when necessary, creating a culture that supports a healthy balance, and more.   Stay tuned for more episodes of the MHEDA Talks podcast series when Shari will interview industry […]

MHEDA Talks: Jeremy Wall on the Importance of Professional Development

July 21, 2022 Duration: 34:51

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Jeremy Wall, CEO and Co-Founder of GoalMakers about the importance of professional development at all stages of your career and about MHEDA’s Master Manager 10-week program. You can learn more and register for the Master Manager program at .  Stay tuned for more episodes of the MHEDA Talks […]

WEX Fuel Savings Program

June 21, 2022 Duration: 06:41

Your MHEDA membership can help you reduce the impact of rising fuel costs! MHEDA has partnered with Savings4Members to offer discounts on many business services including exlusive savings with WEX fuel cards. These cards offer the following benefits: Free to enroll (all set up and card fees waived) Accepted at over 95% of gas stations […]

How Your MHEDA Membership Can Save You Thousands

May 18, 2022 Duration: 25:48

Are you overspending on the everyday expenses that keep your business running? Your MHEDA member benefits can help you double-check. As a MHEDA member, you could pay less for credit card processing, payroll, uniforms, fuel, office supplies, shipping, and much more. If you’re not already using your membership to cut costs and boost profitability, this […]

Thank you for attending the MHEDA 2022 Convention!

May 10, 2022 Duration: 02:50

Thank you so much to the nearly 600 MHEDA Members representing over 200 companies from around the world that joined us April 23-27 at the Loews Sapphire Falls in Orlando, Florida. It was so amazing to see the Material Handling community together again for a few days of learning, networking, giving back and having fun. […]

MHEDA Women in Industry Giving Back

May 5, 2022 Duration: 02:10

Over 75 women in the material handling industry came together during the 2022 MHEDA annual convention to make a difference in the lives of women and children in Orlando. During the women in industry breakfast, attendees came together with the One Heart for Women and Children organization to pack hygiene and food bags. Over 1,000 […]

MHEDA Talks: Todd Cohen on Building a Sales Culture

March 17, 2022 Duration: 28:06

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Todd Cohen, CSP, Sales Speaker and Author. Todd shares his vision of how everyone in your company is a sales person, and how creating a silo culture can slow your business growth. Join Todd in one of his two sessions at the MHEDA […]

Financial Benchmarking with the DSC Report

February 12, 2022 Duration: 00:31

Access to financial benchmarking data will help you plan for the future. The MHEDA DSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Report is a financial benchmarking study that reviews and compares MHEDA distributor member companies to give you customized data and insights on three important profit drivers: Growth, Gross Margin, Expenses. The report is based on financial data […]

MHEDA Talks: Tom Albero, John Gelsimino, and Katie Richards on MHEDA’s DSC Survey

January 14, 2022 Duration: 38:08

Host Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of The CX Edge talks with Tom Albero, John Gelsimino, and Katie Richards. They discuss the benefits and updates to MHEDA’s DSC Survey. Benchmark your company performance and join us for the roundtable discussion for the Industrial Truck Results at the 2022 MHEDA Convention in Orlando. Members can learn […]

Join the MHEDA Community

November 18, 2021 Duration: 02:05

MHEDA serves over 600 member companies and 5,000+ individuals in the material handling industry with a variety of education programs, networking opportunities, and other business resources. Find out how to become part of our growing community at

Economic Advisory Report: October 2021

October 27, 2021 Duration: 06:35

This quarterly economic report, published by ITR Economics, features data specifically for the material handling industry to assist MHEDA members plan for the year ahead. The full detailed report is available to members only. Order and download the new report as well as past archived issues (requires member login).

Material Handling as a Career Path

September 15, 2021 Duration: 03:02

Working directly with members, this video has been created by MHEDA & MHI for our member companies to use on your own website. It is intended to help communicate to students and recent graduates the vast opportunities and career paths available in the Material Handling and Supply Chain industry – and will help you attract the young, […]

A Day in the Life of a Forklift Technician

September 15, 2021 Duration: 03:23

To help students get started on their path to becoming a forklift technician, MHEDA has partnered with MSSC to develop a Certified Forklift Technician Program. Exclusive Benefit for MHEDA & MHI Member Companies! Place this FREE video on your company’s website to retain and recruit top talent. Find out more at

Learn More about MHEDA’s MVP Program

June 1, 2021 Duration: 01:05

Thinking about becoming a MHEDA MVP? Watch this video to learn more and also get fellow MHEDA Members’ perspective about what it means to their business to be an MVP.

Demonstrate Your Commitment with the MHEDA’s MVS Award

June 1, 2021 Duration: 01:30

Introducing the MVS or Most Valuable Supplier Award, a recognition awarded to MHEDA suppliers who have proven excellence based on a set of requirements. Visit for more information.

Expand Your Professional Horizons with MHEDA’s LMS

April 30, 2021 Duration: 02:09

Have you heard about MHEDA’s best kept secret?  Our Learning Management System or LMS is a Member only resource designed to provide you with a modern way to enhance your professional career development and track your learning progress. Start your journey at!

On-Boarding Remote Employees

December 3, 2020 Duration: 37:24

We’ve all been there. We’ve been the new person. And for many of us, we’ve also been the person responsible for the new person. Learn how to create a consistent and stable on-boarding program to make a lasting impression on your new employees and give them the best chance to be successful at your company. […]

Managing Your Profile

September 10, 2020 Duration: 08:23

You can now edit your personal and company profiles online at It’s very important to keep this information updated to help potential customers find you! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to view and update your profile.

Credit Card Processing – Protecting Your People and Profits

May 12, 2020 Duration: 33:31

Jerry Smith of CardConnect AIP explains the very confusing industry of credit card processing and how you can minimize your processing fees. Find out more about MHEDA’s cost savings program through CardConnect.

MHEDA Gives Back

December 9, 2019 Duration: 02:54

MHEDA exists to serve our members and contribute to the industry as a whole. You, our members, collaborate with us, to make changes and strengthen the material handling industry. We know you want to make an impact in your community too. That’s why we started MHEDA’s Give Back Initiative.