Leading with Relationship – Emerging Leaders Conference Preview

May 29, 2024Duration: 01:28

In this dynamic session at the 2024 Emerging Leaders Conference, Jason Lauritsen, Leadership Speaker & Author, will introduce the core mindsets at the heart of The Check-In Method™, a leadership framework powered by relationships and meaningful conversations. Attendees will gain key skills and tools to help them build connections, stay on top of what’s really going on, and know how to provide the support their people need to be engaged and productive.

Key Takeaways:

• Review six critical ingredients of any healthy relationship and learn how to apply them as a leader.

• Uncover a simple four-step check-in process that you can use to invite the conversations that matter with your people.

• Discuss how to make the mindset shifts necessary as a leader to be effective in today’s workplace.

About Jason Lauritsen, Leadership Speaker & Author

As a former corporate executive, Jason cracked the code to doubling company revenue per employee. But it wasn’t until he began working at a company responsible for Best Places to Work contests across North America that he discovered the key that unlocks employee engagement, no matter the organization: People experience work as a relationship. He is the author of two books, Unlocking High Performance and Social Gravity. His thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Talent Management magazine, HR Executive magazine, and SHRM publications.

What is the Emerging Leaders Conference?

A fast-paced, fun, and interactive summer leadership experience designed for young (or young at heart!) material handling professionals, brought to you by MHEDA, MHI and WERC. This year’s theme, “Common Ground Leadership” is centered on providing insights on how leaders and their teams can work together with shared goals of organizational success, personal fulfillment, and the ability to embrace failure as a function of innovative thinking.

Join us at the conference on July 25 in Chicago and together we will find the common ground to help you become a better leader.

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