FAQs: Connect with Distributors

Thinking of becoming a MHEDA Member so you can meet and connect with MHEDA Distributors? Here are a few FAQs we often receive. More questions? MHEDA Can Help! Contact us at 847-680-3500 or email connect@mheda.org. We look forward to serving you.


How does MHEDA help me connect with MHEDA Distributors?

  • MHEDA provides a number of networking opportunities throughout the year, including live conferences,
    Regional Summits and an Annual Convention. We encourage you to register for these events and meet with
    your peers. We also offer virtual programs that include networking discussions. MHEDA provides the forum,
    it’s up to you to create and nurture the relationships.

How will MHEDA introduce my company to other Members?

  • MHEDA welcomes all new Members with an announcement on our website homepage, in the MHEDA Journal, in our newsletter and also with a LinkedIn post.

How do I maximize my Membership?

  • By getting involved! The more programs and services you participate in, the more you will benefit from being a MHEDA Member. Contact Katie Richards at krichards@mheda.org to schedule a meeting and learn how to best use your MHEDA Membership for your specific business.

Will I get a list of Members?

  • Yes. As a new Member of MHEDA, you will receive a Member Directory that lists all Members by assorted categories. Please note, connecting with MHEDA Distributors is about building relationships. We encourage you to keep this in mind and not use the directory as a “mailing list.” 

What are some additional ways I can get noticed by MHEDA Distributors?

  • Beyond attending our live events, another great way to stand out is by becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at the MHEDA Convention. We offer a number of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, click here to request more information.

How do I demonstrate my company’s expertise to MHEDA Members?

  • MHEDA presents a number of “Member-to-Member” (M2M) webinar programs throughout the year. The content must be 100% educational and not promotional for you or your organization’s services. More M2M info is available on our website.

Where do I start?

  • It takes time, energy and a commitment to networking if you want to build connections! We look forward to helping you and your company grow and succeed! Please contact Katie Richards at krichards@mheda.org if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a call with our Membership team.