Managing Employees

Your employees are your greatest asset and MHEDA offers many tools to help you manage your team, and achieve your goals. As a MHEDA member, you have exclusive access to the following, most at no additional cost.

Compensation & Recruitment

Finding good employees is essential to the success of any company and MHEDA wants to help you find the best talent. The Employee Compensation Market Analysis gives insight on job titles, education levels, years of experience, job location, industry, and provides job descriptions and skill requirements for each position.

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On-Boarding Tools

MHEDA offers several tools to help members effectively on-board new employees. These tools are exclusively for members.

  • Free On-Boarding Templates – In-person or remote versions available.
  • MHEDA Bootcamps – Online bootcamp series to help your new hires understand the material handling industry.
  • Forklift Bootcamp – Online training for the forklift dealers. New employees will have the best chance to succeed if they have a basic understanding of the material handing industry, its products, and terminology.
  • Material Handling Sales Basics – Online training for the material handling dealers is great for those new to the industry and a timely refresher for experienced industry salespeople.
  • Free Material Handling Industry Fundamentals – This resource is good for new hires or existing employees who want to learn about various types of material handling equipment and their applications.
  • Free Women in Industry Mentoring – An effective way of helping people to progress in their careers and is becoming increasingly popular across all career fields and industries.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is defined as the policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals, including people of different ages, races and ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations.

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Remote & Hybrid Workers

Best practices, ideas and insight for managing and engaging a remote or hybrid workforce.

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A Guide to the 13 Elements of Happiness At Work

By Dr Jenny Brockis who is a medical practitioner and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician, specializing in brain health and mental performance.

Happiness at work isn’t rocket science. Work doesn’t have to be hard or endured for us to be able to achieve our goals and be successful. However, happiness at work is a process and it takes time.

Learn tips and tricks about:

  • What happiness at work really is.
  • Why happiness at work matters.
  • The proven benefits of happiness at work.
  • 13 factors to take into consideration when starting to build greater happiness at work and in life.
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Industry Career Videos

These videos have been created for member companies to use on your own websites. They are intended to help communicate to students, recent graduates, and young talent from other industries the vast opportunities and career paths available in the material handling industry, and at your company.

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