Unleash the Power of AI

June 19, 2024 Duration: 55:17

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing sales and marketing, offering a wealth of time-saving tools and strategies. This webinar will unveil the potential of AI and empower you to: Discover AI-powered tools to automate repetitive tasks and free up your time for strategic activities. Leverage AI for personalized marketing that resonates with individual customer needs and […]

How Sales and Marketing Can Work Together to Close More Deals

May 19, 2023 Duration: 46:03

Sales and marketing have historically been at odds with one another. “Give us more leads!” sales says. “We gave you leads, how about you actually close them!” marketing responds. Without the right expectations, collaboration structure, or proper tools – it’s easy to see the waste, cost and negativity that can exist when these teams aren’t […]

The Importance of a Multi-Channel Marketing Program

April 7, 2023 Duration: 53:21

Just like diversifying a financial portfolio, it’s best to have an omnichannel approach when it comes to marketing. This means making sure you’re present, active, and engaged across multiple channels. The average buyer today has 20-30 touchpoints with a brand before making a purchase. And those touchpoints are certainly not coming from one single channel. […]

Connecting Passion, Purpose, and Culture – Leadership from the Inside Out

February 11, 2023 Duration: 56:36

These are incredibly trying times. Now more than ever, it’s important that we take great care of ourselves so that we deliver great care to those we serve. The session will include lessons learned from working with hundreds of organizations along with evidence-based research on these topics. You’ll leave the session with ideas and strategies […]

Toxic Employees and the Behavior You Tolerate

August 29, 2022 Duration: 50:52

An organization’s culture is reflected in its team member’s everyday behaviors. It’s evident in employees’ attitudes about their work, how well they collaborate, and how they interact with customers and each other. Consequently, culture has an enormous influence on a company’s potential for success. But a company’s culture will only be as good as the […]

Why Are There So Many Hackers?

June 3, 2022 Duration: 57:37

The number of hackers and the number of organizations getting hacked has exploded. Organizations around the globe have experienced an exponential number of attacks against their networks, employees, vendors and intellectual property. This webinar explores the world of cyber criminals and how easy it is to become a cyber threat actor. With today’s threat actors […]

How Your MHEDA Membership Can Save You Thousands

May 18, 2022 Duration: 25:48

Are you overspending on the everyday expenses that keep your business running? Your MHEDA member benefits can help you double-check. As a MHEDA member, you could pay less for credit card processing, payroll, uniforms, fuel, office supplies, shipping, and much more. If you’re not already using your membership to cut costs and boost profitability, this […]

Onboarding & Integrating New Employees to your Team

May 16, 2022 Duration: 56:01

A new employee’s first week on the job may be the most important week in their entire career with you. It’s essential to have an Onboarding process in place that sets the right tone and provides clear expectations for our new team members. As we build a great culture, it’s critical that we bring our […]

Why Accountability Is The Most Important Part Of Culture

March 25, 2022 Duration: 52:44

Lack of accountability is a recipe for a dysfunctional workplace. And the absence of accountability goes beyond affecting your workforce, it is guaranteed to trickle down into the customer experience. But how can you as a leader actually make accountability stick in your organization? Takeaways The difference between responsibility & accountability How to embed & […]

Rental and Used Equipment Market Trends

March 22, 2022 Duration: 47:24

This member to member webinar with Rouse Services will give you access to insights around how leading material handling and construction equipment distributors leverage competitive benchmarking to make better informed decisions and provide an update on current rental and used equipment market trends in the material handling space. Participating distributors can use this information to […]

How To Identify Leads In The Age Of Privacy

February 11, 2022 Duration: 54:24

The bulk of your advertising dollars are going to waste. 97% leave your website without contacting you. The technology is here. You must identify these unknown website visitors. By mining through your data and connecting it to your CRM, you can more efficiently connect with your leads and turn them into paying customers. Takeaways: Why […]

What Dealers Need To Know About Local Search

January 31, 2022 Duration: 01:01

If your dealership has a physical storefront, you must be focusing on “local search” to be seen online by your customers. Along with Google’s changing algorithm, there’s an abundance of new ways to be recognized locally and be the most prominent business ranking in your area. From enhancing your Google My Business listings to generating […]

Protect Your Business Against ADA Non-Compliant Website Lawsuits

December 10, 2021 Duration: 45:54

ADA-compliant websites have become a trendy topic over the past few years. But not for positive reasons. Websites continue to lag behind the times and with it, the number of lawsuits relating to ADA Title III (the specific section of the ADA that refers to private businesses) have skyrocketed. Protect your business from the vultures […]

Hiring Best Practices for Material Handling

March 5, 2021 Duration: 46:54

Hiring the right candidate is never an easy task. What you should really consider is to hire smart. Bringing on new employees is only one piece of growing your teams. Yes, you need to get resumes, interview, discuss, re-interview and offer. However, it does not end when the candidate signs an offer. In this presentation, […]

Insurance Programs: How They Improve, Protect and Reduce Costs

February 18, 2021 Duration: 27:35

Jim Ricker, CEC, JT Bates Insurance Group/Ricker & Associates, will help you understand the benefits of insurance programs and how they can improve, protect, reduce cost, but more importantly how to protect your valued assets in the event of a loss, including cataclysmic loss. Jim will discuss loss control, prevention and the different types of […]

Tax Relief Incentives for the Material Handling Industry

September 24, 2020 Duration: 31:28

During these challenging times, business owners are looking for additional relief solutions. It’s the ideal time to learn about an existing, key tool for American economic revival: The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. In this member to member session, Tracy Lustyan, Managing Director of the Great Lakes Region for alliantgroup, explains the differences between […]

Video is Essential!

September 1, 2020 Duration: 45:40

Make sure you are maximizing your distribution channels. There are so many video types to consider: testimonials, company backgrounders, animation explainers, animated gifs, product reviews, and more. Once you have chosen the most impactful video type for your company goal, take advantage of all that video marketing has to offer. Sara Park, account manager and […]

Connect with People Through LinkedIn Sales Navigator

August 21, 2020 Duration: 48:14

The average cost to attend a tradeshow: $3000. The average cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator: $70/mo. Invest in this powerful communication and messaging tool that you have at your fingertips. Mine through thousands of potential contacts with ease and keep your prospect list organized for more effective prospecting and selling – all within a digital […]

Email is the #1 Social Platform: Now You’re Being Forced to Use It Better

August 14, 2020 Duration: 43:48

With salespeople relying more on digital assets, this session will teach you how to build impactful, robust email marketing programs to reach, connect, and persuade your audience. The greatest return on investment can come directly from the people you know: those in your owned database. Because of costs associated with email marketing, it’s a lightweight […]

ESOPs 101: Employee Stock Ownership Plans

July 17, 2020 Duration: 31:53

This presentation will cover the basics of ESOPs. Nick Francia, partner of The Capital ESOP Group – UBS Wealth Management and a nationally-recognized speaker on the topic of ESOPs, will start with an overview of the different internal and external options that a business owner has to sell or transition their privately-held business. From there, he […]

Your Website Just Became Your Best Salesperson!

June 25, 2020 Duration: 29:35

70% of a prospect’s buying process is done through visits to your website before you know these prospects are even on your site! There’s two ways to drive more web leads – get more people to your website and optimize your site to convert more of those visitors. In this session, Thomas Armitage, senior account […]

Guaranteed Leads. We’ll Prove it to You

June 17, 2020 Duration: 29:46

Rebounding from this tough period and growing your business back up will need a varied approach. With the right selection, combination, and creativity, advertisers can find success in meeting their most important online goals. In this video, Brian Bluff, co-founder, and Priyanka Kapadi, operations, of Site-Seeker will help you understand the evolving digital advertising landscape, […]

Rental Equipment Protection Options: Pros & Cons

June 10, 2020 Duration: 30:11

There are various ways to protect yourself and your customer relationships while your equipment is out on rent. Jayme Bates, Chief Executive Officer for JT Bates Group, will explain each of the rental equipment protection options along with the pros and cons of each of those options. Learn about different insurance options and what to […]