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Read comments from leading voices in the material handling industry on how they use MHEDA to strengthen their business, support valued employees and network with their peers.

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Billy Lindler, USSI: “We have received many benefits by being an active MHEDA member. Since joining MHEDA in 2018, I have participated in MHEDA’s Annual Convention, Business Planning Conference, and Emerging Leaders Conference. These MHEDA events resulted in networking, USSI team building, and most importantly tangible business improvements including updated company mission, vision and established core valves; business strategy aligned with economic projection tailored to MHEDA members; and new products added resulting in $2.5M in sales.

Nate Storey, Storage Solutions, Inc: “MHEDA provides a platform where material handling distributors of all kinds can learn and grow in a way that best suits their company needs. Through MHEDA-NET, Regional networking events, or roundtable discussions at the annual convention, distributors can share and learn with peer distributors or manufacturers in the industry about relevant trends affecting all of us. I have personally learned a lot about the importance of building company culture from the speakers brought in at the Emerging Leaders conference and annual convention. The Learning Management System (LMS) provides educational opportunities for all types of roles in the industry which has lessened the burden of each distributor trying to figure that out on their own. MHEDA does an excellent job of providing a variety of ways for each distributor to advance their own business.”

Van Clarkson, Fairchild Equipment: “MHEDA keeps us ahead of the curve on industry trends, and provides us with many tools to help best address them. We have benefited from our long relationship in nearly every area (Sales, Service, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, etc) of our business. The convention is always informative and excellent, several Fairchild Equipment employees actively participate in a MHEDA Net group, and the education opportunities provided within the LMS are second to none. MHEDA truly cares about the health of the industry and their members.”

Gerardo Padilla, SEIL Rentals: “As an international member from Mexico, MHEDA is much more than Networking, it is the only place where I can find priceless resources for my company planning and forecasting like industry specific reports, business trends, and specific training. But most of all, it gives me the opportunity to constantly interact with industry peers forming Networking groups and regularly discuss situations from our industry, get advice and solutions all together.”

John Truss, Lift Power, Inc: “Through regional meetings, annual conventions, training classes, and MHEDA-Net networking groups, MHEDA’s a great resource to learn about the industry, stay abreast of industry trends, and network with fellow dealers and vendors.”

Harry Neumann, Western Storage and Handling: “MHEDA is a way to network with my fellow distributors and get opinions and advice on many aspects of my business. MHEDA provides benchmarking for assistance in budgeting and setting expectations for our business and people. MHEDA provides training opportunities to my people enabling them to succeed at higher levels.”

Linda Anlauf, Wholesale Pallet Rack Products: “MHEDA provides an opportunity to learn about the material handling industry outside of our daily activities. A variety of networking opportunities are available to fit the needs of those who have limited time to those who have more time to participate. Networking allows brain storming sessions that lead to learning experiences which help us be more successful. MHEDA also provides  options for educational opportunities. WebinarsRegional Summits and Live Conferences provide resources typically not available within our companies.”

Brian Bond, Tri-Lift NC Inc: “MHEDA is a partner organization that brings the many components of our industry together centralizing communication and information. MHEDA helps educate best practices, and provides an avenue for growth not only for company entities but for individuals looking to improve. MHEDA and its members provide us with the ability to bounce ideas off other dealers and helps us strive for constant improvement.”

Kate Schaefer, Concept Services: “We have found that the entire organization (MHEDA staff and other members), are extremely welcoming and very active in their support of promoting each other and the organization.”

Cheryl Flood, Associated: “MHEDA membership gives us an affiliation with a great industry resource that provides education and networking opportunities for those new and tenured within our industry.”

Mike Martinec, Alliance Material Handling: MHEDA is a fantastic organization that promotes and facilitates networking with other people in the material handling industry. It allows members to find unique solutions to issues and stay updated on modern trends.

Mike Callen, Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp: MHEDA is a catch basin for info coming in and info going out. It keeps distributors, dealers and manufacturers up to date with trends, forecasts and general information that an individual can use to promote or procure to their own needs. There is training for beginners and seasoned users. It offers a central info center for new products, new ideas, changing climates and an opportunity to network within and outside the industry. 

Keith Shipman, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products: Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products is honored to receive the MHEDA MVS award. This award validates our focus in the material handling industry and our continued commitment for exceeding our customer’s expectations. We appreciate the recognition and are proud to be a part of MHEDA’s organization.

Kevin Cupples, UNEX Manufacturing: To me, MHEDA is a support network of ideas. In the material handling industry, it can be quite difficult to find new and engaging ways to interact with both our distributors and end users. MHEDA is loaded with great content and puts on awesome events that help UNEX reach customers with interesting content and aids us in our efforts to become material handling thought leaders.