Member to Member

MHEDA has partnered with a number of Members who want to share their expertise on a variety of subject matters. We will be offering assorted “Member to Member” webinars throughout 2022. It’s a great way to learn from your industry peers.

Interested in becoming a Member to Member presenter?

Learn How to Become a Presenter of a Member to Member Program 

On-Demand M2M Programs

Below are a few of the most recent Member to Member programs you can access anytime. These programs were originally presented live and recorded so MHEDA Members can access On-Demand.

Why Are There So Many Hackers?

June 3, 2022Duration: 57:37

The number of hackers and the number of organizations getting hacked has exploded. Organizations around the globe have experienced an exponential number of attacks against their networks, employees, vendors and […]

How Your MHEDA Membership Can Save You Thousands

May 18, 2022Duration: 25:48

Are you overspending on the everyday expenses that keep your business running? Your MHEDA member benefits can help you double-check. As a MHEDA member, you could pay less for credit […]

Onboarding & Integrating New Employees to your Team

May 16, 2022Duration: 56:01

A new employee’s first week on the job may be the most important week in their entire career with you. It’s essential to have an Onboarding process in places that […]

Why Accountability Is The Most Important Part Of Culture

March 25, 2022Duration: 52:44

Lack of accountability is a recipe for a dysfunctional workplace. And the absence of accountability goes beyond affecting your workforce, it is guaranteed to trickle down into the customer experience. […]

Rental and Used Equipment Market Trends

March 22, 2022Duration: 47:24

This member to member webinar with Rouse Services will give you access to insights around how leading material handling and construction equipment distributors leverage competitive benchmarking to make better informed […]

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How to Become a Presenter of a Member to Member Program

Who qualifies to present?

• Presentation of a M2M session is exclusively available for current MHEDA Members in good standing.

When will the M2M Programs take place?

• These programs will be scheduled by MHEDA. Exact dates and times TBD.
• Programs will be presented Live and also available On-Demand.

How will M2M sessions be presented?

• M2M sessions will be presented via Zoom Webinar.
• Sessions would include a 30-minute educationally focused presentation, followed by Q &A.
• MHEDA staff will organize and run the session.

Where Do You Begin?

• Submit a topic! Do you have a topic you think your MHEDA peers would like to learn about? Email Katie Richards at a detailed description of what you would like to present, along with 3 to 5 takeaways.
• Again, please remember – the content must be 100% educational and NOT promotional for you or your organization’s services.
• MHEDA staff will review your submission and follow-up with you.
• Once the topic is approved, you may be asked to share your Power Point for review by MHEDA staff or Board Member for final approval.

What is the Fee?

• If you qualify to present a M2M program, you would pay MHEDA a one-time fee of $595. This covers staff time, zoom fees, and processing.

Why is M2M a Great Opportunity?

• M2M gives you the opportunity to share your skills and expertise with fellow MHEDA Members – AND help you and your organization stand out!
• Your company will be mentioned in all promotional materials, including the online MHEDA calendar.


• Contact Katie Richards at or call 847-680-3500 to get started today!