Member to Member

New in 2020!

MHEDA has partnered with a number of Members who want to share their expertise on a variety of subject matters. We will be offering assorted “Member to Member” webinars throughout 2020. It’s a great way to learn from your industry peers.

Learn How to Become a Presenter of a Member to Member Program   

Register for An Upcoming M2M Program

October 9, 2020 – Sales Leadership & Sales Team Transformation Webinar
Learn how Top Performing sales organizations are re-imagining sales, building new sales methodologies, and re-defining the role of sales to hire, develop, lead and build the “right team for top performance in a complex environment. Learn More and Register Today

October 23 – Defining Top Performance in the “New Role” of Sales Webinar
This presentation will provide recommendations on a process model to establish the standard of top performance or metrics for success – that arms sales leadership and human resources with a comprehensive model to effectively recruit, select, develop & build the “right” sales organization for your company. Learn More and Register Today

November 6 – The Future…Building an Inside (Outbound) Sales Team Webinar
This presentation explores WHY the role of Inside Sales has become one of the fastest-growing positions in the industry, HOW to define what is needed in this role, and WHAT the inside sales team can do to optimize field sales, generate leads, new business, drive customer retention, and grow your business as an internal/external focus that helps the field sales team. Learn More and Register Today


On-Demand M2M Programs

These programs were originally presented live and recorded so that MHEDA Members can access On-Demand anytime.

Digital Marketing

Guaranteed Leads. We’ll Prove it to You – On-Demand
Learn how to get the most out of your digital advertising budget.

Your Website Just Became Your Best Salesperson! – On-Demand
Learn ways to drive more traffic to your website and how to increase conversion rates on your website.

Email is the #1 Social Platform: Now You’re Being Forced to Use It Better – On-Demand
Learn how to build impactful, robust email marketing programs to reach, connect, and persuade your audience.

Connect with People Through LinkedIn Navigator – On-Demand
Learn what LinkedIn Sales Navigator can do for you.

Video is Essential!
Learn what types of videos are popular and impactful for your company goal. – On-Demand


Rental Equipment Protection Options, Pros & Cons – On-Demand
Learn about options of rental equipment protection along with pitfalls and benefits to each.

Financial Management

Financial Management in a Time of Crisis – On-Demand
Learn techniques that will help leaders manage through the current crisis by preserving the all-important asset – cash.

ESOPs 101: Employee Stock Ownership Plans – On-Demand
Introduction on ESOPs for those who are new to the topic, or as a refresher for those who are already familiar with ESOPs.

Tax Relief Incentives for the Material Handling Industry  – On-Demand
Are you looking for alternative relief solutions in addition to what is already being offered by Congress. Learn about The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit.

Succession Planning

Fight or Flight? How to Prepare Your Business to Succeed (or exit) in a Post COVID WorldOn-Demand
Learn how to prepare your business for a post-pandemic world from an investor’s perspective.

How to Become a Presenter of a Member to Member Program

Who qualifies to present?

• Presentation of a M2M session is exclusively available for current MHEDA Members in good standing.

When will the M2M Programs take place?

• These programs will be scheduled by MHEDA. Exact dates and times TBD.
• Programs will be presented Live and also available On-Demand.

How will M2M sessions be presented?

• M2M sessions will be presented via Zoom Webinar.
• Sessions would include a 30-minute educationally focused presentation, followed by Q &A.
• MHEDA staff will organize and run the session.

Where Do You Begin?

• Submit a topic! Do you have a topic you think your MHEDA peers would like to learn about? Email Susan Freibrun at a detailed description of what you would like to present, along with 3 to 5 takeaways.
• Again, please remember – the content must be 100% educational and NOT promotional for you or your organization’s services.
• MHEDA staff will review your submission and follow-up with you.
• Once the topic is approved, you may be asked to share your Power Point for review by MHEDA staff or Board Member for final approval.

What is the Fee?

• If you qualify to present a M2M program, you would pay MHEDA a one-time fee of $495. This covers staff time, zoom fees, and processing.

Why is M2M a Great Opportunity?

• M2M gives you the opportunity to share your skills and expertise with fellow MHEDA Members – AND help you and your organization stand out!
• Your company will be mentioned in all promotional materials, including the online MHEDA calendar.


• Contact Susan Freibrun at or call 847-680-3500 to get started today!