Women In Industry

Would you like to network and learn from women who work in the Material Handling Industry?

MHEDA has the program for you. It’s called MHEDA’s Women in Industry Initiative. Each year more and more women are hired within the material handling industry. MHEDA now offers an initiative to help women meet others like themselves and provide learning and networking opportunities.

Women In Industry Mission Statement
To inspire and draw women to the material handling industry by offering resources and a network that foster professional success while furthering the mission of MHEDA.

If you are interested in getting involved in this Initiative, complete this short form.

Get Involved in the Women in Industry Initiative

Join a MHEDA-NET Women in Industry Group

MHEDA-NET is a FREE member tele-networking program. You will be connected with other women who also work in the material handling industry.

Here are just a few topics groups may potentially discuss:

  • How do we promote effective means of communication between and within the genders?
  • What are some tips we can use on how to manage people?
  • What are some tips on work/life balance?
  • How do we promote the material handling industry to attract/recruit women?
  • How do we change the industry culture?
  • And more


Mentoring for Women in Industry

Do you want to learn from other women in Material Handling? Do you want to share your knowledge with other women? If yes, then MHEDA’s Women in Industry Mentoring Program is for you!

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Attend the Annual Women in Industry Breakfast at Convention

MHEDA hosts a Women in Industry breakfast during the Annual Convention & Exhibitor Showcase as a networking opportunity for women attending convention. Here are the dates for future programs. Mark your calendars now.

  • April 29–May 3, 2023 | Grand Hyatt Nashville | Nashville, Tennessee
Women In Industry

See what participants have to say about the program.

“I am passionate about helping others in Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Education.  I work with distributors, vendors, manufacturers and team members of all levels on multiple platforms including face to face networking, online communication and social media which keeps me engaged and learning.  I love what I do each day!”
– MHEDA Member Linda Anlauf, WPRP

“I was also held to a tougher standard, no doubt about it. I had to know the business inside and out or I was immediately discounted. My advice to women entering the material handling industry is this: the industry is rapidly growing, is seeking women, and in the end may the best man or woman win!”
– MHEDA Member Lori Palmer, President, REB Storage Systems International

“Is there a feminine way to do business?  The answer really is yes.  Women bring new perspectives to a business. Research shows that women adapt better to new situations, make better decisions, make better leaders and invest their money more wisely. So when asked what women bring to the table, we can say both new perspectives and new solutions.”
– Judy Hoberman, Selling in a Skirt