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Financial Benchmarking Report: This distributor financial study provides key insights into how the “high-profit firms” generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the three profit drivers: growth, gross margin and expenses.

Employee Compensation Report: See how your company compares to others in the areas of: salaries, bonuses, perks, sales compensation plans, holiday pay and healthcare with this biennial distributor compensation report.

Economic Advisory Report: Quarterly report that provides clear, actionable information on current economic trends. Each report also provides material handling specific economic data.

DiSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Report

MHEDA’s DiSC Report is a financial benchmarking study that annually provides key insights into exactly how the “high-profit firms” generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the three profit drivers: growth, gross margin and expenses. The report, available for Industrial Truck and Storage & Handling/Engineered Systems,  provides clear evidence as to how small differences in a few areas translate directly into higher levels of profitability.  The DiSC Report is a summary of dealer member financial data presented in tables and graphs designed to provide a comprehensive guide for analyzing profitability (individual responses are kept strictly confidential). Member Cost: $400

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Employee Compensation & Benefits Reports

The report contains detailed reviews of distributor executive and employee compensation and benefit programs including salaries, bonuses and perks. 

Volume 1 – results compiled directly from MHEDA members comparing compensation levels for employees. This section includes job titles that apply only to MHEDA members.

Volume 2 – titled The Cross Industry Report and compares compensation levels from nearly 2,000 firms in the distribution industry. 

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Economic Advisory Report

MHEDA has partnered with ITR Economics on a new and improved quarterly economic forecast report, Three-Year Forecast: MHEDA’s Custom Economic Advisory in 2021. 

This report will help you:
• Learn about coming demand for your products and services;
• Uncover foresight of the expected growth and contraction in the market;
• Understand Management Objectives™ for strategic use of the information;
• Gain insight into overall US economic trends;
• Review dashboard of current and projected growth rates;
• Read quickly – includes a clear overview for the busy professional who may not have time immediately to look through the entire report.

This report will give you expanded tools to help you better plan for the future and offers important information for seven markets applicable to your Material Handling business. Report Release Dates: January; April; July; October.

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Listen to the MHEDA podcast for 2022 Q2 report below. 

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