Material Handling Sales Basics

July 23, 2021 Duration: 01:52

Learn how to sell more at higher gross margins by focusing on the customer instead of the stuff. Industry veteran, Gary Moore, presents an 18 part material handling specific online course that is great for those new to the industry and a timely refresher for experienced industry salespeople. This course is available exclusively to members […]

Material Handling Bootcamp Training Series

June 25, 2021 Duration: 01:39

Do you need to teach employees practical fundamentals about the material handling industry? The Material Handling Bootcamp complete 6 part series covers all aspects of the material handling industry, making it an ideal training tool for both employees that are new to the industry and experienced veterans who need additional knowledge. The courses are available […]

Forklift Bootcamp

March 29, 2021 Duration: 05:25

New employees will have the best chance to succeed if they first gain a basic understanding of our industry, our products, and our terminology. The full Forklift Bootcamp 5 part series, presented by Dave Baiocchi, President, Resonant Dealer Services LLC, is available to members through the MHEDA Learning Management System and includes almost 4 hours […]

Service Team Metrics & Leadership Development

January 27, 2021 Duration: 03:10

How do you get a struggling service department on the right track to growth? Learn how to develop metrics and create an environment of teamwork and leadership development to build high performance teams in your service department. The full course, Service Team Metrics & Leadership Development, presented by MHEDA Member Jeff Morris, Corporate Service Manager, […]

Death by Survey

April 29, 2020 Duration: 02:37

Surveys can be a great tool to get valuable feedback from your customers. But there are right and wrong ways to do a survey. Learn the basic planning steps to make your surveys more effective. The full course, Death by Survey – Effective Ways to Get Customer Feedback, presented by Shari Altergott, Chief Experience Officer of […]

Used Equipment Buyer Profile

March 11, 2020 Duration: 02:06

Learn key characteristics of a typical used equipment buyer to more effectively market to them through your sales team and company website. The full course, Strategies for Marketing and Selling Used Equipment, presented by Bill Rowan, President of WRR Consulting, is available in the members-only MHEDA Learning Management System. Register at

Used Equipment Culture

March 5, 2020 Duration: 02:29

To be successful and profitable with used equipment sales, the entire company – from technicians to sales to management – needs to have the same understanding about the value of used equipment for the customer. David Morrison, President of Morrison Industries shares lessons learned over the years that helped shift his company culture toward used […]

Rental Financial Drivers

February 17, 2020 Duration: 03:06

The rental department is an important profit center in a dealership. Make sure your company is achieving the full potential of your rental assets. The full course, Rental Financial Drivers, presented by Josh Smith, Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta, is available in the members-only MHEDA Learning Management System. Register at

Growing Rental Income

February 17, 2020 Duration: 02:23

Capturing business where a competitor has long term rental units is difficult because of transportation and accidental damage costs. However, there are ways you can make it worth it for the customer. The full course, Rental Equipment Management Best Practices, presented by Dave Baiocchi, Founder and President of Resonant Dealer Services LLC, is available in the […]

Responding to Price Objections

October 4, 2019 Duration: 02:38

By asking the right questions and steering the price conversation in the right direction, you can prevail in price negotiations. Learn how to prepare in advance to address a customer’s price objection. The full course, Crush Price Objections, presented by Paul Reilly, Owner of Reilly Sales Training, is available in the members-only MHEDA Learning Management […]

Driving Behaviors with Compensation

August 15, 2019 Duration: 02:18

Do your bonus and incentive programs drive long term, repeatable and “self-generating” outcomes? Learn how a program focused on driving appropriate behaviors can create the desired results as a by-product.  The full hour long course, Aftermarket Management Compensation, presented by Dave Baiocchi, President, Resonant Dealer Services LLC, is available in the members-only MHEDA Learning Management […]

Becoming an Employer of Choice

August 1, 2019 Duration: 02:28

How do you attract top talent to your organization? Learn one formula that creates an environment and reputation for your company that will make people want to work for you. The full hour long course, How to Become an Employer of Choice, presented by Buddy Smith, former Owner/President of CMH Services and Todd Maxwell, COO […]

On-Boarding New Hires

July 26, 2019 Duration: 02:05

If you’ve ever been the new to an organization, then you know how it feels and how frustrating it can be. Learn why and how to start an effective on-boarding program for new hires. The full hour long course, On-Boarding: What do we do with the new hire?, presented by Andy McNulty, Founding Partner, Communication […]

Voice Mail Best Practices

July 24, 2019 Duration: 01:36

Discouraged about leaving yet another voice mail? Learn more about best practices of when and how to leave a voice mail and avoid common mistakes to make your messages more effective. The full hour long course, Voice Mail: Techniques That Get Your Calls Returned, presented by Mike Brooks, Founder and Principle of Mr. Inside Sales, […]

Create a Proactive Parts Department

June 28, 2019 Duration: 02:12

Parts departments can fall into a reactive mode. Learn what you can do to become more proactive and generate more parts sales and profit to your bottom line. The full hour long course, Best Practices in Parts Department Operations, presented by Jeff Fuller, VP Operations & Sales, Lift Solutions, Inc., is available in the members-only […]

Permitting Basics

June 18, 2019 Duration: 02:58

Do you install equipment for your customers? As permitting requirements become more strict and are enforced more frequently, you have an opportunity to help your customers through the process, protect your business, and create a competitive advantage. The full hour long course, Permitting: Challenges and Opportunities, presented by Scott Hennie, President of Elite Supply Chain […]

A Culture of Safety

March 8, 2019 Duration: 02:18

Everyone has a culture of safety but does your organization have a GOOD culture? Learn how to get buy-in from your employees for your safety program by setting the tone and sending the right message. The full hour long course, Safety: Who is Responsible in Your Organization, presented by Ronnie Vaughn, Safety and Environmental Manager, Gregory […]

Best Practices in Service Department Operations

March 4, 2019 Duration: 03:18

Do you know the most critical pieces of a successful service program? Learn about the operating benchmarks you should be tracking and how to reach reach your goals for each of them. The full hour long course, Best Practices in Service Department Operations, presented by Jeff Fuller, VP Operations & Sales, Lift Solutions, Inc., is […]

Digital Marketing with Google Ads

February 12, 2019 Duration: 02:33

Last year, Google handled 90% of the world’s internet searches. Therefore, Google Ads is a valuable opportunity to present quality content to a targeted audience resulting in high conversion rates. Learn how to get started in the full hour long course, Google Ads – What You Need To Know, presented by Eddie Bluff, co-founder of […]

VITAL Regimens for Sales Professionals

February 7, 2019 Duration: 03:13

Do you want to be an order maker rather than an order taker? This requires setting regimens to make sure you have a planning discipline that allows you to proactively sell. The full hour long course, Six Regimens that are VITAL for Sales Professionals, presented by Don Buttrey, President, Sales Professional Training, Inc., is available […]