DSC (Distributor Statistical Comparison) Report

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The MHEDA DSC (Distributor Statistical Comparisons) Report is an annual financial benchmarking study that reviews and compares MHEDA distributor member companies based on the organization’s size, line of business, and geographic region.

This study provides key insights into exactly how the high-profit firms generate better profit numbers. It focuses intently on the key profit drivers – growth, gross margin, expenses, inventory turnover and accounts receivable collections.

The report provides a roadmap for any firm wanting to improve its financial performance by benchmarking return on investment, Income Statement costs and margins, Balance Sheet comparisons, financial ratios, asset productivity ratios, and employee productivity.

About Each Survey

Industrial Truck (IT)  

The Industrial Truck DSC study is a process of benchmarking the costs of what your lift truck dealer experiences against what other distributors in the industry encounter. The result is a business case for making changes in order to improve return on investment in your business. The study also investigates the analytics for five distinct departments: Aftermarket Operations, Equipment Sale, Parts Department, Service Department, and Rental Department.


Storage & Handling (SH)  

The Storage & Handling DSC Survey is a profitability study of MHEDA members designed to obtain, understand, and analyze “best practices” for Storage & Handling distributor companies. The results are divided into benchmarking sections: Sales Volume Analysis, Analysis of Variance, and Trend Analysis.


Systems Integrators (SI) 

The Systems Integrators DSC Survey is a profitability study of MHEDA members that uses the percentage calculation to provide a comprehensive measure of a company’s profitability over a period and in comparison, industry benchmarks. The objective of margin analysis is to detect positive or negative trends in a company’s earnings and is divided into three sections: Profit Margin Analysis, Gross Margin, and Operating Profit Margin.


DSC 101

DSC 102

How Do you Prepare to Participate in this Survey?

  • We recommend your accounting manager, controller, CFO or CEO fill out the survey(s).
  • Data does NOT need to be Audited
  • You will need access to company Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Operating Data

How Long does it Take to Complete?

On average, it should take under one hour to complete. MHEDA revamped the survey and it is now only one-page! Don’t have the time to fill out the survey? Mackay Research Group will input your data for you! Contact Taylor at taylor@mackayresearchgroup.com to get help inputting your data.

How Does this Survey Help Distributor Members?

  • Gain insight on three important profit drivers: Growth, Gross Margin, Expenses.
  • Provides critical data you can use to measure performance.
  • It’s a tool to drive technician and department productivity.
  • Helps you create goals for your organization.
  • Generate ideas to improve operations.

How Do I Know if my Company Should Fill Out One or all Three DSC Surveys?

MHEDA member companies include distributors of Industrial Trucks, Storage and Handling Equipment, and Systems Integrators. Some companies have a division in two or even all three of these line of business (LOB) categories.

The profit drivers are slightly different for each LOB category. If the company’s accounting system is able to segment financial performance with an income statement and balance sheet by division, they would benefit most by having a separate DSC report for each line of business in which they conduct business. On the other hand, if a company does not allot their financial performance by division, they should submit a DSC survey for the LOB category wherein they conduct a majority of their business.

What Will You Receive When You Participate in the Survey?

  1. Click Graphic to Enlarge View
    Industry specific report(s) profiling the financial and operating performance of MHEDA members. The reports will be available in both a PDF format and an Excel dashboard. Management commentary is provided to explain what the various statistics and ratios mean and why they are important.
  2. Financial Performance Dashboard — An individual dashboard delivered in an Excel analyzing YOUR company. It’s an interactive, dynamic look at the columns of data you can use for benchmarking.

When Will the Next DSC Survey be Conducted?

  • MHEDA organizes the DSC Survey every year. The 2025 DSC Survey will be released in January. Individual and industry average results will be available to all participants in June.

Is Your Financial Data Confidential?

Yes! Only the staff of the Mackay Research Group, a survey research organization that specializes in profitability and compensation research for trade associations will have access to your financial survey information. Participants data is aggregated in a way that prevents identification of any individual company’s results.

How Much does It Cost to Participate or Purchase?

FREE for Distributor and Integrator members to participate. Participants receive a complimentary copy of the report.
MHEDA Member (non-participant) to purchase: $500. Click Here to Purchase the 2023 DSC Reports
Non-Member to purchase: Not available

Want to Learn More?

Contact Katie Richards at krichards@mheda.org or 847.483.5693 (office direct).

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