Networking Opportunities


MHEDA gives you access to networking opportunities with the most respected professionals in the material handling industry. We invite you to connect with your peers who face the same daily challenges as you. Depending on your networking preference, we have different avenues for you to explore.

“There are few forums that create the opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of industry peers. Participating in MHEDA-NET has been a business decision that has paid off again and again!” – John L. Gelsimino, President, All Lift Service Company.

MHEDA-NET (Networking in Small Groups)

This customized networking program matches you to a group of 6-8 individuals who are in the same line of business, with similar careers and job responsibilities. Groups gather via conference calls or email communications to discuss best practices and problem solving. MHEDA takes the work out of finding people to network with – we simply match you!

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“MHEDA-NET is vital to maximizing MHEDA’s services. It can make you money by bouncing ideas off others and it can successfully guide you through the ‘wisdom’ of others. You are on a shared journey to success in this business and it makes the ride all the more enjoyable! You serve and are served…is there a better combo?”
– MHEDA Member Mid Middleton, President, Carolina Material Handling

Regional Networking Summits

Summits give you the opportunity to meet with others who live and work in the same part of the country. MHEDA Members host these events at their companies, so it is also a great way to see what others’ facilities look like.

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Women in Industry

Each year more and more women are hired within the material handling industry. MHEDA has an initiative to bring women in the industry together via MHEDA-NET, and live events.

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Annual Convention & Exhibitor Showcase

MHEDA’s Annual Convention is the event of the year for many distributor and supplier executives. Hundreds of individuals gather for this first-rate, value-filled event that includes a table-top product showcase, roundtable discussions, industry panels, economic outlook and benchmarking information. A few days away from the office to attend this event will leave you inspired, enlighten and prepared with the tools to face the ever-changing business landscape.

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Social Media

Love the instant gratification of social media? Get the latest industry news and updates in real time, and see what others are doing, too. Find MHEDA and your peers when you connect with us.