MHEDA is the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association, dedicated to serving all segments of the material handling business community.

For nearly 70 years, MHEDA has provided material handling companies and their employees with business resources, leadership training, networking opportunities, benchmarking data, career development tools and insights on the latest industry trends.


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Over 600 distributor and manufacturing companies across the world representing several thousand employees utilize our resources each day to help their business stay competitive and employees stay connected. Join the MHEDA community.

MHEDA is your direct connection to the Material Handling Industry’s hottest trends, newest products, best management training workshops and represents a wealth of resources for all material handling businesses.

Our Members represent the nation’s major material handling distributors, as well as the leading manufacturers of storage and handling, lift trucks, conveyor equipment and technology.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be recognized among our members and peers as the premier trade association in North America.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance each member’s success through superior programming in the area of benchmarking, networking and education.

Serve Members. Serve Each Other. Have Fun.

MHEDA’s 28 Fundamentals outline the behaviors that are the foundation of our culture. The MHEDA Way describes who we are, how we relate to each other, and how we relate to our members. It’s what drives our extraordinary success.

Do the Right Thing, Always
Practice Blameless Problem Solving
Help the Team Succeed
Assume Positive Intent
Honor Commitments
Get Clear on Expectations
Be a Fanatic About Response Time
Listen to Understand
Speak Straight
Celebrate Success
Take Ownership
Be Relentless About Improvement
Deliver the Wow
Bring It Every Day
Look Ahead and Anticipate
Be Curious
Invest tn Relationships
Be Easy to Work With
Be Open
Be a Proud Ambassador
Work on Yourself
Lead by Example
Recognize Each Other’s Uniqueness
Make Quality Personal
Share Information Thoughtfully
Embrace Change and Growth
Create a Great Impression
Have Fun

History of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

Almost seventy years ago, a small group of material handling equipment distributors recognized the need for a national organization to help distributors conduct business more professionally, offer opportunities to learn from each other, provide information relevant to business and ensure a voice for your business. Hence, the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association was established on October 10, 1954 at the Morrison Hotel in Chicago.

Since 1954, the Association has been led by hundreds of volunteer directors, all working to make MHEDA a solid, growing national trade association with a mission to be the best resource for services and information for all material handling companies.

Today, MHEDA is a thriving association of more than 600 members representing the finest distributors, manufacturers, and factory-owned branches in the material handling industry. MHEDA continues to carry on the tradition of the founding fathers with a dedication to promoting material handling industry excellence. After nearly 70 years, MHEDA remains at the forefront of the material handling industry, fulfilling its mission to further improve the proficiency of material handling distributors in order that they continue to be the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace.

We are your direct connection to the Material Handling Industry’s hottest trends, newest products, best management training workshops and represent a wealth of resources for all material handling businesses.

MHEDA Past Presidents

1955 – Robert H. Braun, Sr.
1956 – William W. Oliver
1957 – Clifford C. Haddrell
1958 – Clifford C. Haddrell
1959 – Arthur R. Canfield

1960 – Robert G. Arnold
1961 – Don S. Ferguson
1962 – J. Preston Wrenn
1963 – Jack D. Patten
1964 – C. C. Brumleve
1965 – Howard Bernstein
1966 – Joseph  McEwen
1967 – Hugh Ayers
1968 – Louis W. Linsley
1969 – Richard S. Stockwell

1970 – G. C. Achtenhagen
1971 – Clare F. Falkner
1972 – George L. Wrenn
1973 – Stephen C. Lobdell
1974 – Warren E. Deuber
1975 – Walter Geisenhainer
1976 – Mark E. Rivard
1977 – Jay P. Hamerslag, Jr.
1978 – James R. Wingate
1979 – John W. Morrison

1980 – Emil A. Graeser
1981 – John J. Boyle, Jr.
1982 – Gary D. Thompson
1983 – Daniel J. MacDonald
1984 – Wilson A. Tayloe
1985 – Mitchell Milovich
1986 – Charles R. Hugg
1987 – Paul H. Landau
1988 – Allen C. McCully
1989 – William K. Slife
1989 – Les H. Nielsen

1990 – Richard J. Head
1991 – William J. Medley
1992 – H. Blane Bowen
1993 – Karl S. Miller
1994 – William J. Whitcroft
1995 – William G. Billard
1996 – George S. Wilkinson
1997 – Joseph Verzino
1998 – Gary T. Moore
1999 – Samuel W. Grooms

2000 – Tim Hilton
2001 – Kenneth MacDonald
2002 – Michael B. Romano
2003 – James R. Bowes
2004 – Loren Swakow
2005 – David E. Griffith
2006 – John Maybury
2007 – John Cosgrove
2008 – Jack Phelan
2009 – Duncan Murphy

2010 – Gregory Morrison
2011 – Chuck Frank
2012 – Richard Donnelly
2013 – Jerry Weidmann
2014 – Scott Hennie
2015 – Mark Milovich
2016 – Scott Lee
2017 – Buddy Smith
2018 – Doug Carson 
2019 – Mike Vaughan

2020 – Mike Wall
2021 – Ted Springer
2022 – Tom Albero
2023 – John Gelsimino