MHEDA-NET Networking Program

MHEDA-NET is a free, organized networking service offered to members to meet via conference call with other members from non-competing markets to discuss common business issues. This is your opportunity to network with the most respected professionals in the material handling industry and increase your knowledge through shared experiences. This service is available to both Distributors and Supplier/Associate members. It’s convenient because no travel is involved and groups are customized based on your professional networking needs.

Depending on your networking preference, you have different avenues to explore.

  • Executive Management
  • Human Resources
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Parts & Service
  • Women in Industry
  • Marketing
  • And more


Why Should You be a Part of MHEDA-NET?

  1. Convenience – virtually participate in a confidential sounding board; no travel involved.
  2. Synergy – interact with industry thought leaders through a customized experience based on your job role, career path and overall professional networking needs
  3. Efficiency – rely on your group members for time-tested solutions, recommendations and different perspectives of your day-to-day challenges

MHEDA-NET is one of the most efficient ways of networking to share best practices and current happenings in your industry or segment. I always look forward to the next MHEDA-NET meeting and always end with some good takeaway. - John Gelsimino, President, All Lift Service Company

How do MHEDA-NET Groups Function?

Dynamics: On average, each group has four to twelve individuals who are in the same line of business, with similar careers and job responsibilities.

Development: Group are formed based on membership category type for specific areas of your business. 

Meetings: Groups virtually meet on a regular basis determined by the individual group, i.e. on the first Friday of the month, once a quarter, once every six weeks. The groups are also encouraged to connect via email or meet face-to-face at industry events.

Discussions: Each group sets their own agenda and has the option to use Zoom or GoToMeetings. MHEDA is never part of the call as long as the Anti-Trust rules are followed during the call.

What do Groups Discuss?

Each group sets its own agenda and discusses topics relevant to them. To help get things started, MHEDA provides groups with a list of potential discussion topics but groups can create their own.

MHEDA-NET has given me the opportunity to find out how others in similar situations have overcome issues through open, honest conversations. I recommend getting involved in a MHEDA-NET group - the time I have put into it has been valuable to me. - Jacqueline Terrell, Director of Marketing, REB Storage Systems International

Group Leaders Responsibilities

A designated group leader will be assigned at the beginning stages of a new group. This group leader will facilitate each meeting and can be reassigned throughout the year if the group wishes. Some of the responsibilities include: developing an agenda, moderate discussion to ensure conversation is balanced with all participants and review profiles of members who might want to join your group.

In a world that is changing every day, MHEDA-NET is a one-of-a-kind networking service that gives all levels of an organization (emerging leaders, technical experts, executives, etc.) a place to share best practice(s), thought leadership transfer, discuss industry trends and professional networking. MHEDA-NET has proven to be an invaluable resource and a competitive advantage for our business. It is convenient and well worth the time invested, plus it's FREE. Don't wait any longer, contact MHEDA and find a group and get involved! - Jim Shaw, President & Co-Founder, Zion Solutions Group