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Accurately Prepare for Tomorrow

Brian Beaulieu, economist with ITR Economics, presented at MHEDA’s 2022 Annual Convention, Economic Insight: Accurately Prepare for Tomorrow. He assessed the input from proven leading indicators to determine the opportunities and risks for the remainder of 2022 and for 2023 in pertinent segments of the economy. Brian also discussed issues that have an impact on your profitability via resource allocation, budgets, expectations, and strategic planning.

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Custom Economic Advisory Report

The Custom Economic Advisory Report, produced by ITR Economics, is designed specifically for MHEDA Members. ITR Economics has provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy since 1948.

This Quarterly Report is FREE to MHEDA Members and provides clear, actionable information on current economic trends. It will give you expanded tools to help you better plan for the future and offers important information for seven markets applicable to your Material Handling Business. 

This report will help you:

→  Learn about coming demand for your products and services;
→  Uncover foresight of the expected growth and contraction in the market;
→  Understand Management Objectives™ for strategic use of the information;
→  Gain insight into overall US economic trends;
→  Review dashboard of current and projected growth rates;
→  Read quickly – includes a clear overview for the busy professional who may not have time immediately to look through the entire report.

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Economic Advisory Podcasts

Don’t have time to read an economic report? Listen to the podcast! In approximately 10-minutes you will hear the critical highlights of the economic report via podcast. Available exclusively to MHEDA Members for no charge – included with your member dues!

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MHEDA-TV Videos on the Economy

Truck Freight and the US Economy
Delivered by, this presentation will focus on how the trillion-dollar US Freight Transportation Marketplace impacts the Global Supply Chain, the US Economy and US consumer. The presentation will also include an outline the leading indicators of how the US Economy will grow out of the unprecedented “pandemic” year and what the new normal will most likely look like for participants in the greater supply chain. Watch Now


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