Certified Forklift Technician


Looking for Forklift Technicians?

As forklift dealers, you understand the extreme shortage of qualified forklift technicians. As many as 10,000 forklift technicians are needed within the next two years. MHEDA, Amatrol, a leading provider of e-learning solutions, and the nationwide Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) have partnered to help fill this gap in skilled workers with the new nationally portable CFT credential system.


The CFT  Program is based on 16 key technical activities needed to be an efficient and effective forklift technician.

  1. Basic Safety
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    Basic Engines
  3. Basic Hydraulics
  4. Brake Systems
  5. Basic Laws of Electricity
  6. Batteries
  7. Masts
  8. Basic Attachments for Lift Trucks
  9. Cooling Systems
  10. Front Drive Axle & Differential
  11. Gasoline & LPG Fuel Systems
  12. Use Meters for Testing Electrical Circuits and Components
  13. IC Electrical Systems
  14. Oil Cooled Wet Disc Brakes of Electrical and Mechanical Braking  Systems
  15. Steering Systems
  16. Transmissions

The key to CFT’s success is the engagement of dealers. To offer the CFT course, MSSC, Amatrol and MHEDA will work with technician education providers near all of material handling dealers. Each school will have a different process to implement the CFT.

Read how president of Fairchild Equipment, Van Clarkson implemented the CFT into Waukesha Community Technical College.


How can YOU secure a talent pipeline of higher skilled job applicants?

1. Find a school with which you already have an existing relationship, or find a school near you using MSSC’s map of education providers by typing in a city or zip code on the interactive map.

Find a School Near You Using MSSC's Map of Education Providers


2. Assign and qualify a technical trainer within or outside your dealership to become a MSSC Certified Instructor. If you do not have an internal trainer, use MSSC’s list of MSSC- authorized instructors who already teach similar courses like automation or industrial maintenance in your local area. Contact Helen Smythe at hsmythe@msscusa.org or 703-739-9000 x2228

3. Contact your local MSSC Representative. They will assist you when approaching and working with a local school to implement the CFT Program.

4. Communicate with potential CFT students through plant visits, career days, school visits, in-kind donations, scholarships.

How can you obtain the CFT Assessment and get your current technicians CFT-certified?

1. The individual candidate or the dealer must reach out to a local MSSC Authorized Testing Center to have the center purchase the candidate registration and assessment.

Find a Center Close to You by Using MSSC’s Map of Testing Centers


2. The candidate needs to create an account on the MSSC system as a Standard candidate.

Create an Account on the MSSC System


3. The candidate must test at the site where the registration and assessment was purchased.

For more information about obtaining the CFT Assessment, visit www.msscusa.org

These schools will provide the training and testing needed for individuals to secure the CFT certification in order to build a talent pipeline of higher skilled job applicants. Incumbent service technicians at the dealers can also use these schools to take the CFT assessments with or without additional training.