DSC 101: How & Why to Participate in this Benchmarking Survey

March 14, 2023Duration: 29:11

Are you curious about the DSC Survey but unsure what it entails? This presentation shows how to use this benchmarking tool and why members see value in participating.

You will learn:

  • What data is needed to participate?
  • How is my data being used?
  • Who is Mackay Research Group?
  • Who in my company should get involved and how long will it take them?
  • What is the dashboard I receive by participating?

Distributor and Integrator MHEDA Members are encouraged to participate in DSC by confidentially submitting financial data by April 30, and in return receive a financial benchmarking tool that illustrate how your company compares to organizations of similar size and sales volume. And better yet, the DSC Survey is included in your MHEDA Membership!

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