2023 Board of Directors and MBOA

MHEDA has been serving the material handling industry since 1954, and will continue to provide value to you and your associates for many years to come. We commend you for your involvement in MHEDA and look forward to serving you in 2023 and beyond.

We stand with MHEDA.

  • We endorse MHEDA programming, designed to drive best practices.
  • We encourage you to continue networking with your MHEDA peers.
  • We believe in the value provide to the marketplace.

Together, we have the strength, passion and brainpower to drive success during challenging times.

If you share this vision and would like to be considered for a Director position, or if you know someone who would be an ideal candidate, please contact Liz Richards, MHEDA’s Chief Executive Officer at lrichards@mheda.org.

Executive Committee Members

    • Chairman of the Board
    • John Gelsimino

    • All Lift Service Company
    • Willoughby, OH
    • www.alllift.com
    • Immediate Past Chairman
    • Tom Albero
      President / CEO

    • Alliance Material Handling Inc.
    • Jessup, MD
    • www.alliancemat.com
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Liz Richards

    • MHEDA
    • Wauconda, IL
    • www.mheda.org
    • Interim Chief Executive Officer
    • Jeannette Walker
      Interim CEO

    • MHEDA
    • Wauconda, IL
    • www.mheda.org


Advisory Board

Manufacturers Board of Advisors

    • MBOA
    • Nathan Andrews

    • Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    • Syracuse, NY
    • www.morsedrum.com
    • MBOA
    • Pete Drake
      Sr. VP Operations Americas

    • Cascade Corporation
    • Fairview, OR
    • www.cascorp.com
    • MBOA
    • Brian Neuwirth

    • UNEX Mfg.
    • Lakewood, NJ
    • www.unex.com