How Your MHEDA Membership Can Save You Thousands

May 18, 2022Duration: 25:48

Are you overspending on the everyday expenses that keep your business running? Your MHEDA member benefits can help you double-check. As a MHEDA member, you could pay less for credit card processing, payroll, uniforms, fuel, office supplies, shipping, and much more. If you’re not already using your membership to cut costs and boost profitability, this member webinar will show you how.


  • Learn about the member benefit programs you have access to through the partnership between MHEDA and Savings4Members
  • Understand how to take advantage of these programs and participate
  • Learn how these programs can help lower your operational expenses at your business

About the Speaker

As a Savings Consultant, Katie Ladd has been a part of the Savings4Members family for over two years now. Coming from a family of small business owners herself, Katie understands the challenges those small businesses face today in an ever-changing economic environment. She works directly with members of America’s best organizations to make sure that they have access to the best resources and tools available. Katie’s priority is to connect members with all of their savings options to ensure they are operating at their full potential. Katie can often be found on the phone with members doing what she’s most passionate about: helping local businesses thrive.

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