Adapting to Ever-Shifting Customer Demands

Hoj Engineering & Sales began more than 50 years ago as an overhead crane company. When Henning Hoj first opened the doors in 1964, he set forth a mission to change the industry. Even then, the company was driven by engineering. Today, brothers Peter Hoj, President, and Tim Hoj, CEO, continue to build on Henning’s […]

Ask Your MHEDA Board: Material Handling Business Trends

“Which of the 2017 Critical Impact Factors is having the biggest impact on your business? What steps/processes is your organization taking to manage this business challenge?” Asked by Kristen Sutherland, Sales Manager at Stein Service & Supply, LLC in Charlotte, NC Buddy Smith, CEO, CMH Services, Columbia, SC I believe the most important critical impact […]

Blocking and Tackling: Obsolete Concepts?

Over the course of the last few years the emphasis in distribution has moved away from improving operations to completely re-thinking the nature of the business. New ideas have included dramatically reducing the number of customers served, utilizing “big data” to gain a marketing advantage, structuring separate web-based entities and utilizing mobile technology to preempt […]

Growth In Store for Material Handling in 2017

ITR Economics President Alan Beaulieu will be presenting at the MHEDA Convention on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Alan, and his company ITR Economics, have been mainstays at MHEDA Conventions for years and the economic advice that he has given in these presentations has been indispensable. […]