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Business Trend: Business Valuation and Succession Planning

April 3, 2023

Business valuation and succession planning have taken on more importance as owners consider retirement and consolidation continues. When considering succession, preparation is key. The process of succession planning involves strategizing to replace or pass on leadership.

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Paying Attention to Leadership Over Management

October 7, 2022

Five Strategies for Success. Have you ever stopped to pay attention to the difference between leadership and management? One isn’t better than the other necessarily, but they definitely take you down different paths. Management is all about the right here, right now – managing processes and people and staying in the status […]

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Turns out the Great Resignation may be followed by the Great Regret

September 26, 2022

Money Matters By Gene Marks Yes, there’s lots of turnover and people changing jobs – but maybe the problem isn’t all with the employer. Employers across the U.S. have been dealing with a historic shift in labor thanks to the pandemic. We know it as the Great Resignation, and the pundits have been falling over […]

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