Business Trend: What Your Employees are Thinking

Clint Pulver is an author and keynote speaker around the globe. He wrote “I Love It Here” and is known for being The Undercover Millennial in workplaces to learn what makes employees stay for the long run and what drives them out. In this Q&A, he’ll share a glimpse into this topic.

Money Matters: The Impact of Inflation

It is a generally accepted principle that moderate inflation is good for business. Moderate inflation has been a fact of life and the natural economic state for more than a century. For one thing, inflation is usually a sign that the economy is growing, which leads to higher demand.

2023 Business Scan: Insights Shared at the MHEDA Board Meeting

The MHEDA Board of Directors and Manufacturer Board of Advisors is comprised of 21 executives from material handling businesses across North America. This group of industry leaders volunteer to meet in person twice a year to discuss industry trends, plan MHEDA programs and discuss ideas on how to improve the MHEDA organization.

Business Trend: Business Valuation and Succession Planning

Business valuation and succession planning have taken on more importance as owners consider retirement and consolidation continues. When considering succession, preparation is key. The process of succession planning involves strategizing to replace or pass on leadership.

Business Trend: Managing Remote Workers

Question and answer session with Don Phin, attorney, consultant, speaker and executive coach on finding unique ways to engage with remote employees can increase morale.