Advancing from Distributor to Integrator

Mitch Smith, chief revenue officer for Hytrol Conveyor Co., wants material handling equipment distributors to know that with careful planning and execution, they can elevate their status in the eyes of suppliers, advancing from equipment distributors to true systems integrators.

Five Practical Ways to Utilize ChatGPT in the Material Handling Industry

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Material Handling Goes Green – The Ins and Outs of Using Lithium Batteries in Electric Warehouse Vehicles

In recent years, the push for sustainable solutions in material handling and logistics has led to the rise of electric forklifts and other warehouse vehicles. These eco-friendly alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines have proven cost-effective, efficient and environmentally responsible.

7 Digital Strategies Leaders Can Apply To Prosper in the Next 5 Years

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23 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive in 2023

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