Turn Uncertainty to Your Competitive Advantage

If the last few years have taught us nothing else, they have taught us that our lives, our businesses, our health – things can change in a moment's notice. And every year, the pace of change seems to get faster, the challenges seem to get bigger and the marketplace becomes even more uncertain.

Sales Success Stories

Case studies demonstrate how distributors and suppliers still rely on each other to work together to ensure the best possible experience for customers and ultimate satisfaction.

Sales Success Stories

MHEDA distributors and suppliers are working hand-in-hand to provide unparalleled service to their customers. By virtue of the strong cultures they’ve cultivated, MHEDA members were uniquely prepared to deal with these trying times without sacrificing quality.

CRM, from Process to People: 4 Methods to Right Your Mindset

Failure to put a CRM into place most commonly represents a company who will allow for the “old way” to dictate their future, even when there is no fruit left to bear.

You Have Seven Seconds. Make Them Count!

Like it or not—right during your first encounter—others will form an immediate opinion about you. And if you have not taken the time to control the details, you are leaving your impression entirely in their hands.