Leadership Lessons with Connie Costner

In the year 2000, I ventured into the material handling industry, despite being new to this field, equipped with my associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. My previous experience of owning and operating two successful businesses helped me to apply similar principles and skills to build the business.

Women in Industry: Corinne Wilson of EnerSys

When it comes to women in material handling or other industries, Wilson feels that they are only becoming more talented, more vital and, most importantly, more valued. “I’m in awe of the women in this industry and in the general workforce. We are bringing more to the table than our mothers before us. We are louder, bolder and proudly raising our hands.” she said.

Flight Systems Industrial Products: “We Are One”

From its beginning as a department at Flight Systems 55 years ago to branching off as its own company and expanding its markets from aviation, FSIP has carried its company values with pride. With these core values, the company continues to grow.

Emerging Leaders: Tyler Stohr – Ready to Teach and Be Taught

Being a young professional, he feels that he and others in his generation bring a fresh perspective to the industry. Instead of accepting the way things have always been done, they ask questions, introduce new technology and push the boundaries.

Distributor Member Profile: Equipment Depot is Reinventing an Industry

Equipment Depot’s roots began in Central Texas. Over the past 80 years, its expansion has been primarily through organic growth and acquisitions. Equipment Depot was part of Pon Holdings, the largest family-run business in the Netherlands, and in 2019 was purchased by Mitsubishi Logisnext, the third largest material handling company in the world. Equipment Depot attributes its success and freedom to rethink standard practices to its ability to operate independently.