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Ask Your MHEDA Board

October 17, 2022

MHEDA Board and MBOA members respond to question asked by Mike Ward, President V&H Material Handling, LLC, Harrisburg, PA: What are one (or more) takeaways you learned at MHEDA’s 2022 Convention and what action steps will you take to implement them?”

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Keep On Pushing: Lessons From an Olympic Mindset

October 14, 2022

Today’s leaders must develop a resilient mindset to improve performance in a fast-paced world. As a three-time Olympian with Jamaica’s original bobsled team, Devon Harris did not start out with aspirations to become a professional athlete. Instead, Harris had a goal of being a military officer in the Army.

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Cybersecurity and Data Management

October 10, 2022

Industry Insiders Provide Tips to Mitigate Cyberattack Risks. Michael Foster certainly doesn’t want anyone to panic, but he cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking appropriate, protective steps to avoid the growing threat of cyberattacks.

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Paying Attention to Leadership Over Management

October 7, 2022

Five Strategies for Success. Have you ever stopped to pay attention to the difference between leadership and management? One isn’t better than the other necessarily, but they definitely take you down different paths. Management is all about the right here, right now – managing processes and people and staying in the status […]

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Third Quarter Economic Forecast

October 3, 2022

This is an excerpt from MHEDA’s 17-page Custom Economic Advisory Report, produced quarterly by ITR Economics. This Economic Report is free to MHEDA members and provides clear, actionable information on current economic trends and data on seven markets applicable to your business. Visit to access today. It is getting scarier out there in the […]

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