Distributor Member Profile: SilMan Industries

Since its inception, SilMan Industries has been driven by a vision to revolutionize the industrial service experience. With a focus on innovation, collaboration and customer centricity.

Money Matters: Sales Versus Expenses: Growth or Profit

One of the never-ending challenges in improving profitability is that there is a great deal of uncertainty within many firms as to what sorts of actions should receive the most attention.

National Forklift Safety Day Statistics

In 2021-2022, there were a total of 40,513 forklift related incidents resulting in days away from work, job restrictions, transfers, and fatalities. There were 24,960 DART (days away from work, job restriction, or transfer) cases; 15,480 of those cases are categorized as DAFW (days away from work). There were 143 total fatalities, 70 of which […]

Members Give Back: WireCrafters and Carolina Handling

WireCrafters partnered with Pleasure Ridge Park High School (PRP) to support its welding program. Carolina Handling took a unique approach to raise funds for six Ronald McDonald Houses throughout its territory.

Women in Industry: Linda Orlando of REB Storage Systems

Linda Orlando believes in leading by example. Surrounded by talented individuals at REB Storage Systems International, Orlando considers herself fortunate to have the “best seat in the house.” Her journey from the accounting department to a leadership role showcases resilience, determination and a commitment to continuous learning in the dynamic world of material handling.