Emerging Leader: Josh Clark of Storage Solutions

When it comes to looking ahead, Clark finds that instead of discussing where you see yourself in 10 years, you should evaluate where you are currently and how to thrive there.

Women in Industry: Katie Duvall of Vsimple

The human element has been a prominent part of her career. Being a woman in a male-dominated field is very often at the forefront of her mind on a day-to-day basis.

Chairman’s Perspective: Time Flies, and I sure Had Fun

Tom Albero, Alliance Material Handling, Inc. Recaps His Role as MHEDA's 2022 Chairman of the Board. I can assure you that the time it takes to be a good MHEDA Board member pales in comparison to the returns your bottom line will see from having conversations with the icons of our industry.

Ask Your MHEDA Board

MHEDA Board and MBOA members respond to question asked by Mike Ward, President V&H Material Handling, LLC, Harrisburg, PA: What are one (or more) takeaways you learned at MHEDA’s 2022 Convention and what action steps will you take to implement them?”

MHEDA Suppliers Announce Dealers of Distinction

MHEDA is pleased to recognize members who have been selected by their suppliers and manufacturers as Dealers of Distinction, a designation that ranks these companies among the best in the world. MHEDA offers service partner programs, publications, education and networking opportunities that help these distributors become the dealers of choice within the industry.