Distributor Member Profile: Fairchild Equipment

Fairchild Equipment is not just a company but a dynamic force that continuously adapts, innovates and shapes the future of the material handling industry. With a customer-centric approach, a dedication to self-improvement and a vision for embracing automation, they remain at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

Supplier Member Profile: Morse Manufacturing

A lot can happen in 100 years. We’ve had 18 presidents, world wars and global pandemics. Morse Manufacturing was there for it all.

Women in Industry: Julia Pinto of Quality Material Handling Inc.

Julia Pinto jokes that she was born into the material handling business. She was born just two years after her parents started their company. From attending sales meetings and family dinners at the office as a child to wearing her tiny, custom made company polo, she’s been a part of Quality Material Handling Inc. for as long as she can remember.

Getting to Know MHEDA’s New CEO, Jeannette Walker

The MHEDA Journal recently sat down with Jeannette Walker to learn about her background, her vision for MHEDA and what she does for fun.

Distributor Member Profile: Zion Solutions Group

Zion Solutions Group has only been on the material handling scene for a short time, but the founders’ and team’s knowledge and experience span far beyond that time. What will Zion Solutions Group go on to do? We’re all eager to find out.