Do You Have a Culture of Purpose? Or is it Lost in a Silo?

By Todd Cohen, CSP Corporate culture is often defined by the silos where people work and toil, not by how people matter. Silos isolate and keep people from engaging and collaborating, and they thwart an understanding of individual value and purpose because silos prevent the bigger picture from being revealed. Silos kill sales, wreck morale […]

Creating a Culture of Heroes

By Kevin D. Brown Creating a culture that drives organizational excellence and customer loyalty is not only essential, it is heroic. More than ever, leaders must focus on and find ways to harness the power of culture by creating a positive, innovative and pliable environment where teammates can become the best version of themselves and […]

Ask Your MHEDA Board: Unprecedented Growth, Challenges

“With the industry facing unprecedented growth combined with challenges such as extended lead times, labor shortages, customer demands, supply chain disruptions and more, employee burnout has become a factor. How are you addressing this within your organization?” Lauren Jarman, Vice President Atlantic Forklift Services, Charlotte, North Carolina   Thomas Albero, President & CEO Alliance Material […]

Think Like a Chameleon

The Post-Pandemic Work Environment Demands It. By Christine Preusler   Due to an unfortunate position on the food chain, chameleons face their share of challenges, forever dodging the hungry eyes of birds, snakes and mammals. But instead of rolling over, powerless against external circumstances, they take action — rapidly adjusting their colors and patterns to […]

Targeted Outreach and Support

By Nick Fortuna   Demographics aren’t destiny, so if the material handling industry and other business sectors want to build a more diverse workforce, it’s going to take a sustained effort. That’s a message from Kelly McDonald of Denver-based McDonald Marketing, a noted speaker and author on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Over the past […]