5 Tips for Creating Effective Company Goals

By Jeremy Wall Creating effective company goals is a challenge that many business owners face. Having such goals can help guide your team in their day-to-day tasks. It helps align everyone, and it keeps you driven and motivated to achieve each and every goal. It is through these goals that you can take constant steps […]

Your People and Your Culture are the New Competitive Currency

The pandemic exacerbated many things. But it has also taught us a great deal about the future and how we build our business. It has highlighted what will set you apart from your competitors in your customers’ minds. Every company faces a glaring realization: Your people are now your most competitive and differentiating currency.

The Rise of the Digital Centaur

  How Technology Integration Will Augment Humanity By Scott Klososky The acceleration of the digital transformation due to the pandemic brought both encouraging and worrying trends. On one hand, teleconference platforms allowed us to stay connected during mandatory social distancing requirements. On the other hand, many developed “Zoom fatigue” due to the overuse of these […]

Ask Your MHEDA Board: Unprecedented Growth, Challenges

“With the industry facing unprecedented growth combined with challenges such as extended lead times, labor shortages, customer demands, supply chain disruptions and more, employee burnout has become a factor. How are you addressing this within your organization?” Lauren Jarman, Vice President Atlantic Forklift Services, Charlotte, North Carolina   Thomas Albero, President & CEO Alliance Material […]

Think Like a Chameleon

The Post-Pandemic Work Environment Demands It. By Christine Preusler   Due to an unfortunate position on the food chain, chameleons face their share of challenges, forever dodging the hungry eyes of birds, snakes and mammals. But instead of rolling over, powerless against external circumstances, they take action — rapidly adjusting their colors and patterns to […]