The Economy and Demography: How They Work Together

Demographic trends and economic trends go hand-in-hand. Embrace change, roll with the punches and support each other.

Utilizing the MHEDA Compensation Dashboard

According to a recent LinkedIn poll with tens of thousands of responses, the number one reason why people are looking to change jobs is to obtain better compensation. With that in mind, MHEDA has partnered with Miller Resource Group to bring high-quality compensation information to members.

Tips for Tackling High Inflation

Oracle NetSuite White Paper Offers 8 Strategies for Dealing with Rising Costs. There have been signs that inflation is easing gradually, giving rise to cautious optimism in the business community. That includes distributors and manufacturers of material-handling equipment, which have seen their biggest costs, including labor and raw materials, rise sharply in recent years.

A Hidden Epidemic

Some employees are experiencing worker fatigue, mental health issues and low morale due to current pressures in and out of the workplace. Leaders must be cognizant of this and provide support when and where needed.

Third Quarter Economic Forecast

This is an excerpt from MHEDA’s 17-page Custom Economic Advisory Report, produced quarterly by ITR Economics. This Economic Report is free to MHEDA members and provides clear, actionable information on current economic trends and data on seven markets applicable to your business. Visit to access today. It is getting scarier out there in the […]