‘@ Work – Adam Hilton

Adam Hilton

Company: Carolina Handling, LLC

Title: Executive Vice President

Years on Job: Two

I have been with Carolina Handling for a little over two years. In my cur-rent role as Executive Vice President, I am responsible for all internal opera-tins for Carolina Handling, including Human Resources, Recruiting, Learning and Development, Safety, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Information Technology, Parts, Equipment Distribution and Logistics, Rentals, and Fleet Services. Every day is different for me at Carolina Handling. My days range from working with other members of our executive team on strategic initiatives and business execution to working with Associates across the company to support our organization and our customers.

Growing Up in the Industry

I was exposed to material handling and supply chains at a young age by a family member that worked in the industry. After spending 13 years at General Electric, I was seeking new opportunities and knew that Carolina Handling was a great opportunity as the company continues to grow and build its team. I joined Carolina Handling as Vice President, Organizational Health and was focused on building sustain-able programs to support the growth and success of our company. At that time, my teams included Human Resources, Recruiting, Learning and Development, Safety, Quality, and Continuous Improvement.


Outside of the general leadership and business skills that I have acquired over the years, one of the unique skills that I heavily rely on is problem solving. Each day brings its share of problems to solve, and I am able to leverage my analytical and continuous improvement back-ground each day in a variety of different ways.


To be successful as a leader, you must have the ability to lead cross-functionally and at all levels of the company, both internally and externally. The biggest trait that I rely on each day is my servant leader-ship approach. As an organization, we value each and every one of our Associates and want to ensure that they are empowered and work in an environment that allows them to develop and grow to their full potential. Not only is this critical to the success of our Associates but the organization as a whole as well.


Strong communication is critical. With so many of our Associates working in the field and remotely due to COVID-19, it’s imperative that we seize every opportunity to communicate with our Associates.