MHEDA Members Give Back – Nashville Wire Products


Nashville Wire Products Impacts Their Community

Nashville Wire Products is no stranger to the Nashville and greater Tennessee community. They stay actively involved with a number of charitable organizations, including The American Cancer Society, Tennessee Voices for Children, and The Bordeaux Eagles. If you participate in the Relay for Life campaign hosted by the American Cancer Society each year, then you might be familiar with “Team Wired.” Nashville Wire sponsors this event each year to help ACS raise awareness for different types of cancer, and funding for research. “Team Wired” is a staple at the event each year.

Tennessee Voices for Children is a non-profit organization that provides support to young children who experience issues with mental health. Along with bringing awareness to mental health, Tennessee Voices for Children provides education and support for families experiencing these ailments. Nashville Wire proudly sponsors their “Green Ribbon Gala” in Nashville each year, achieving a gold level sponsorship.

Nashville Wire’s Material Handling Division is headquartered north of Nashville in the Bordeaux neighborhood, which is among the more impoverished neighborhoods in the community. Employees here have made an impact on the community and especially through the youth football team, The Bordeaux Eagles. Nashville Wire has spent significant time and finances to support the team, which has resulted in many Bordeaux Eagles players graduating high school and moving on to college.

A MHEDA Member since 1988 and Most Valuable Supplier (MVS) Award Winner since 2015, Nashville Wire Products continues to demonstrate their commitment to their community and dedication to the material handling industry.