‘@ Work: William Maybury

William Maybury Company: Maybury Material Handling Title: Controller Years on Job: 1.5 I started working at Maybury Material Handling about a year and a half ago as a Financial Specialist. Having grown up around the industry and the company, I had some background but it’s different when you actually start to work inside the industry. […]

The Intersection of Culture and Analytics

There is an ongoing war in sports media between the “old school” and “new school.” Many in the old school contend that there is nothing more important than team chemistry and clubhouse culture. New school journalists, for the most part, are much more stats-oriented and place a much higher emphasis on analytics than culture or […]

Women @ Work: Connie Costner

Company: Mathand, Inc. Location: Woodstock, GA Title: President Connie Costner is a living embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. She came to Mathand, Inc. as a Business Manager after having starting and selling two previous business ventures. When the founder of the company retired in 2000, Costner purchased the company. “My experience was in business development […]

‘@ Work: Steve DuBose

Company: National Companies Title: Director of Strategy and Innovation Years on Job: 12 For some people it may take years to discover their passion and figure out how to make that passion into a career. For me, I was literally born to work in Industrial Equipment. My grandfather founded our company in 1957. Since then, […]

Building Relationships One Solution at a Time

Conveyor Solutions celebrates 20 years of forward-thinking solutions By Steve Guglielmo In 2016, Conveyor Solutions, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. The company has grown considerably since its founding. For 20 years, its core principles remain the same and have not only carried Conveyor Solutions through its first 20 years, but have it […]