23 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive in 2023

Is your company attractive to potential employees? It’s time to find out.

Over the course of 50 plus years, the Miller Resource Group team has talked to candidates and hiring managers giving insight to what job hunters look for in a company. They’ve created this checklist based on that research. Here are 23 steps for your company to take in 2023, from optimizing your website to finding candidate leads.

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● Your website is up-to-date, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.
● Your company has a dedicated career page & is prominently displayed on your
● You have a current video(s) showing your company’s culture featuring your own
team members.
● You have media on your website showing industry visibility & are active in
industry associations.

LinkedIn, Social Platforms, PR & Professional Networking:

● Your company is active on LinkedIn for B2B and professional visibility.
● You have an active, up-to-date LinkedIn company page.
● Your leadership has active LinkedIn profiles.
● Your leadership is active on social media promoting the company and industry.

Company Culture:

● Building and strengthening the company culture is an ongoing leadership
● Your vision/mission is clear and shared by your employees.
● Your company prioritizes & invests in diversity & inclusion company wide
including in leadership.
● You keep all employees involved, and their opinions are heard and valued.


● Compensation is competitive and continuously evaluated.
● Your benefits are top-notch (healthcare, insurance, 401(K), other retirement
● There is a generous PTO policy.
● You offer tuition reimbursement for continued education or professional development.

Generating Candidate Leads:

● Job postings are listed on major job boards (Indeed, Monster, Career Builder,
LinkedIn, etc.).
● You have an internal employee referral program.
● You have a well-trained internal recruiting team.
● You have an active college recruiting program.

Other Significant Factors:

● Your company is in a high-growth industry.
● Your products are innovative and are poised to capitalize on market needs.
● Your facilities are state-of-the-art.