2020 Parts & Service Virtual Learning Event

Five-part Virtual Learning Event. Learn best practices to manage your Parts and Service business. This Member-led program is designed to help you improve your relationship with your customers, bring out the best in your employees and tap into the resources available through technology and experience from the pros.

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Member Fee: $49 per individual session or $199 discounted bundle for all five sessions

Non-Member Fee: $99 per individual session or $399 bundle price for all five session

Who Should Attend

Parts and Service Managers
Branch Managers
Operations Managers
Anyone interested in more effective Parts & Service Management

Service Team Metrics & Leadership Development

Jeff Morris

Presented by MHEDA Member Jeff Morris
Corporate Service Manager, Toyota Material Handling Systems

Session Description

The service team strategy allows technicians to advance into a leadership position, where they take responsibility for a small group of techs and support them in achieving their goals. The team lead is responsible for scheduling their techs and managing the team’s workload. The team lead is also a mentor and they are responsible for developing their team members into competent leaders.

A team scorecard is used monthly to review the team’s performance, and each team members performance. The team lead develops valuable leadership skills working with his group, and the technicians develops a team mentality toward achieving a common goal. The metrics and score card provide an understanding of how their actions affect the success of the entire organization.


  • Learn how to build high performance teams.
  • Develop metrics for your Service Department.
  • Create an environment of teamwork and leadership development.

About the Presenter

MHEDA Member Jeff Morris is the Corporate Service Manager at Toyota Material Handling Systems.
He started his career in the material handling industry in 1988 as a technician with Atlanta Forklifts, a Toyota dealer then moved into a field tech position for an additional five years. He gained experience from on the job training and participated in Toyota’s certified technical training program where he achieved the Gold Level. After ten years as a tech he took an opportunity to transition into the office where he wore the hats of service writer, service dispatch, warranty administrator, and technical assistance.

He is a founding member of Toyota’s Customer Quality Engineering Group in 2000. The CQE group is made up of seventeen dealer representatives across the country that work together to provide customer quality feedback regarding product. This experience allowed many opportunities to work with the best of the best in our industry and learn from their experience. He began his role as service manager at his home office in 2001, and is currently the Corporate Service Manager. “I work with our Service Managers, Office Administrator, Warranty Administrator, and Technical Training Department to support a staff of over one hundred thirty technicians at three facilities. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges that we face, and identifying best practices that can be implemented to improve our processes and simplify our work in serving our customers and supporting our staff.”

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On-Demand – Key Metrics for Parts Performance

Matthew Fye

Presented by MHEDA Member Matthew Fye
Aftermarket Sales Manager, Morrison Industrial Equipment Co. and Darrell Wake, Corporate Parts Manager, Morrison Industrial Equipment Co.

Session Description

Learn how a fellow MHEDA Member from Morrison Industrial Equipment Company measures parts sales performance and success. Learn how they ensure their customers receive the best value while maintaining profitability.

Darrell Wake

We will discuss some of the key indicators used to measure performance. These indicators include inventory management, maintaining counter parts work in process, gross profit, commodity sale performance, and SKU management.


  • Review how commodity sales help drive value for our customers through planning savings.
  • Learn how Morrison’s parts movement identifier system helps central warehouses, branches, and technician vans to have the most accurate stocking levels based on past purchase history.
  • Discuss how low work-in-process = increased cash flow;
  • Discover how connecting one common SKU to known crosses helps maximize purchase power while reducing on-hand inventory.

About the Presenters

MHEDA Member Matthew Fye is the Aftermarket Sales Manager for Morrison Industrial Equipment Company. Prior to this role, Fye spend 20 years in the car-care industry serving as general manager. He has been employed with Morrison since 2016. During this time, he has served as a Parts Assistant, Customer Service Representative, and now Aftermarket Sales Manager. His goal as a manager is to “champion growth in parts and service business!”

MHEDA Member Darrell Wake has been the Corporate Parts Manager for Morrison Industrial Equipment Company for 37 years. During his time, he has served as Corporate Purchasing Manager, Information Technology Manager and 23 years as the Corporate Parts Manager running the Central Parts Division. Darrell developed the technology that became the Parts Cross Reference Purchasing System. He was the Lead Team Member in past Oldsmobile Parts Support contract.

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On-Demand – Maximize Revenue with Strategic Parts Practices

Dave Baiocchi

Presented by MHEDA Member Dave Baiocchi
Founder and President of Resonant Dealer Service LLC

Session Description

This session will instruct dealers on how to rethink some of their most important parts practices. Many dealers go about planning for and executing parts operations based on inertia and the status quo. There are however specific practices that can be implemented to make the parts department a strategic participant in revenue, profitability and efficiency.

Partnering with the service department in new ways can put a dealer in position to have the right part, in the right place, at the right time. Anticipating parts sales opportunities by equipping vans with data driven inventories vastly improves the customer experience. Using machine population data to inform inventory practices reduces dead stock and keeps product flow at a maximum. Finally, targeting selected parts sales opportunities, and leveraging every customer interaction helps to craft successful parts and accessory sales campaigns that continue all year long.


  • Learn how to analyze your service database in order to adjust van stock based on “relevancy.”
  • Leverage equipment sales data to make strategic inventory decisions, based on awareness of your inventory’s “sweet spot.”
  • Choose van inventory based on future OPPORTUNITIES, instead of historical TURNS.
  • Create and optimize parts and accessory campaigns using education, seasonal appropriateness, buying power and meaningful incentives.

About the Presenter

MHEDA Member Dave Baiocchi is founder and president of Resonant Dealer Service LLC. (RDS). Dave is a solutions-focused material handling executive, consultant, and author, with more than 37 years of success in dealership operations. Dave was a dealer principal and partner for a multi-branch California lift truck dealer for 17 years. In his current role as President and Owner of Resonant Dealer Services LLC, Dave provides consultancy services across the core areas of dealership best practices in sales, rental and aftermarket areas. Contact Dave via email at dave@resonantdealer.com or call 209-652-7511.

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On-Demand – Telematics: Pre, During and Post Implementation

Tom Plunkett

Presented by MHEDA Member Tom Plunkett
President, Telematics Consultants LLC.

Session Description

Implementing any telematic system can be a real nightmare, especially for companies who aren’t prepared and have not been given the proper guidance or advice from the beginning of the project. In this session, we will discuss industry challenges.


  • Pre-Implementation; how to prepare and what tasks to complete before implementation day.
  • Implementation Day; how to make you take full advantage of tech’s time on site, not waste time still setting up software.
  • Post-Implementation; the project isn’t complete once the units are installed and on-line, it’s just beginning. This is the most important part, making sure you continue to see value thru OSHA compliance and data analytics.

About the Presenter

MHEDA Member Tom Plunkett is the President of Telematics Consultants LLC. Telematic Consultants LLC is a young and dynamic company specializing in assisting/consulting with dealers and end users before, during and post implementation of telematics systems. TMC’s goal is to relieve dealers and their customers from the tedious process involved in implementing and maintaining telematics systems. Previous to starting Telematic Consultants LLC, over the past 15 years Tom has continued to refine his skills in the area of sales, strategic planning, marketing and operations as the Strategic Account Executive with ShockWatch/TotalTrax Inc.

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On-Demand – Creating a Culture of Safety

Ronald G. Vaughn

Presented by MHEDA Member Ronald G. Vaughn
A.R.M., Safety and Environmental Manager, Gregory Poole Equipment Company

Session Description

Safety is much more than OSHA compliance and workers compensation claims. OSHA’s focus is on finding and correcting unsafe conditions, but OSHA admits that most injuries are the result of unsafe behaviors. Managing workers compensation claims is very important, but it doesn’t address the causes of injury incidents.

Learn what it takes to develop and maintain a Culture of Safety. Every company has a safety culture, but it could be good or bad. For a company to have a good safety culture, a Culture of Safety is necessary where everyone from the employee to the front line supervisor to upper management always works safely even when no one is watching.


  • Review the difference between accident avoidance and accident prevention.
  • Discuss why unsafe conditions and behaviors allowed to exist (and what to do about it!)
  • Uncover safety responsibilities.
  • Understand why the safety journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

About the Presenter

MHEDA Member Ronnie Vaughn is the Safety and Environmental Manager at Gregory Poole Equipment Company. He has over 20 years of Safety and Risk experience in roles such as a District Safety Manager and Division Risk Manager for a Fortune 500 LTL trucking company, as a Senior Loss Control Consultant for insurance service provider Gallagher Bassett Services and as Safety and Environmental Manager for forklift and heavy equipment dealer Gregory Poole Equipment Company. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Valdosta State University and his A.R.M. from the Insurance Institute of America. He has received specialized training in areas from HAZWOPER and DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations to Accident Reconstruction and Fleet Safety.

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