On-Demand Education Programs

Did You Miss a MHEDA Virtual Program that you wish you could see now?

MHEDA understands the challenges every member faces on a daily basis and have compiled a list of programs to help you address them. These are easy to access and available when it’s convenient for you.

Check back often because this list will be updated regularly.


2020 On-Demand Convention Programs

This series features 2020 MHEDA convention speakers presenting and answering questions live from the audience. The sessions are FREE for MHEDA members and non-member fee applies. Click on the program title, login and watch the on-demand program.


2020 On-Demand Emerging Leaders Programs

Practical Leadership Training designed for Young Professionals in Material Handling. Learn how to be a stronger, more authentic and engaged leader for a new era.

  • The Unspoken Rules of Leadership presented by Jamie Turner
    Are you ready for new insights and new techniques that can improve your leadership skills? Learn why the world’s best leaders work on their mindset first and their skillset second; how “Thinking Backwards” can help you improve your influence with others; and why humility is a secret weapon that all powerful leaders possess.

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  • Say What? Essential Words to Help You Persuade, Engage & Retain presented by Ryan Avery
    In this strategy packed session learn from keynote speaker Ryan Avery his top words NOT to use during times of change. You will also learn how ONE word can affect what we as leaders do to persuade, engage and retain top talent and customers in this shifting environment.

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  • Three Fundamental Conversations You Need to Have Right Now presented by AmyK Hutchens
    AmyK will share three fundamental conversations we should be leading with our teams so we can emerge stronger. You’ll learn how to: Respond & adapt to changing conditions so you can capitalize on new opportunities; Increase connection and problem solving working remotely and The five most important questions to ask before you make your next critical decision.

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  • Get Focused: Tech Tools for Time Management and Productivity presented by Beth Ziesenis
    Discover FIVE easy-to-implement, proven techniques and tech tools for focus and time management: Time Boxing; Distraction Management from Devices; Distraction Management from Social Media; “Pomodoro” Technique and “Sounds of Music” to manage time.

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  • The Financial Dashboard presented by Buddy Smith
    Learn how to create and utilize a key metric dashboard. Buddy Smith will share how he created and utilized a mix of 12 to 15 key metrics to manage his business. Following these metrics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis allows a leader to manage smartly, and provides key focus to areas of opportunity and/or problems.

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FREE Member to Member On-Demand Programs

MHEDA partnered with a number of members who want to share their expertise on a variety of subject matters. It’s a great way to learn from industry leaders. These programs are free for MHEDA Members. Click on the program title, login and watch the on-demand program.

Digital Marketing


Financial Management


  • Sales Leadership & Sales Team Transformation presented by Growth Dynamics
    This presentation arms leadership with trends and recommendations on how Top Performing sales organizations are re-imagining sales, building new sales methodologies, and re-defining the role of sales to hire, develop, lead and build the “right team for top performance in a complex environment.

Succession Planning


2020 On-Demand Parts & Service

Learn best practices to manage your Parts and Service business. These Member-led programs are designed to help you improve your relationship with your customers, bring out the best in your employees and tap into the resources available through technology and experience from the pros.

Member Fee: $49 per individual session or $199 discounted bundle for all five sessions
Non-Member Fee: $99 per individual session or $399 bundle price for all five session

  • Service Team Metrics & Leadership Development presented by Jeff Morris
    Learn how to build high performance teams, develop metrics for your Service Department and create an environment of teamwork and leadership development.
  • Key Metrics for Parts Performance presented by Matthew Fye and Darrell Wake
    Learn how Morrison Industrial Equipment’s parts movement identifier system helps central warehouses, branches, and technician vans to have the most accurate stocking levels based on past purchase history.
  • Maximize Revenue with Strategic Parts Practices presented by Dave Baiocchi
    Learn how to analyze your service database in order to adjust van stock based on “relevancy” and learn how to leverage equipment sales data to make strategic inventory decisions, based on awareness of your inventory’s “sweet spot.”
  • Telematics: Pre, During and Post Implementation presented by Tom Plunkett
    Learn how to be more prepared when implementing any telematic system. Discuss pre-implementation tasks, implementation day software setup and post implementation day making sure you continue to see value thru OSHA compliance and data analytics.
  • Creating a Culture of Safety by Ronald G. Vaughn
    Learn what it takes to develop and maintain a Culture of Safety.
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Economic Insight Update: Managing in an Uncertain Economy

Monthly Webinar Series with ITR Economics. Requires member login to watch on-demand program.

  • October 2020 Economic Update – Watch Now
  • November 2020 Economic Update – Coming Soon
  • December 2020 Economic Update – Coming Soon


Automation Solutions On-Demand Learning

Designed to share the experiences and lessons learned from fellow MHEDA Member companies that have transitioned from providing equipment sales to providing Automation Solutions to their clients.

Member Fee: $49 per session or $199 discounted bundle for all five sessions.
Non-Member Fee: $199 per individual session. Bundle pricing not available.

  • Getting Started on the Path to Selling Automation – presented by Eric McDonald –  Learn about lower level automated solutions that can meet your customers’ needs. Uncover applications and benefits for each of the solutions.
  • Technology Solutions Utilized in Conjunction With Automation – presented by Eric McDonald – Learn about technology solutions that are frequently combined with automation to address customers’ business challenges.
  • Let’s Talk People! Staffing for Automation Solutions – presented by Troy Carter and Tim Hoj – Discuss staffing roles within your business to cover all aspects of projects from the initial sale to completion.
  • Determining the “Right” Level of Automation for Your Clients – presented by James Emmitt – Gain an understanding of when to consider automation, and when not to consider.
  • Voice of the Customer: Automation Solutions Panel
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