Virtual Roundtable: Networking Event for New Members of MHEDA

Networking is the catalyst of MHEDA. Making industry connections helps you run your business, save time and money. MHEDA invites you to a new fall program: Virtual Roundtable. During the Virtual Roundtable you will have the opportunity to meet via Zoom with your peers and discuss topics important to you.

Who is this program designed for?

The Virtual Roundtable is designed for New Members of MHEDA (i.e. companies who joined in 2020 or 2021) who want to connect and network with their MHEDA peers. When we’re together, we’re better. Let’s learn from each other and meet new people in our industry. Minimum number of attendees is 18/Max is 36.

What are the key takeaways?

  • Meet fellow New MHEDA Members and enjoy conversations and connections.
  • Discuss trends based on your interest in small break out groups.
  • Learn about MHEDA’s most highly attended program: MHEDA-NET.

How will this work?

This networking event will take place via Zoom. Discuss ideas, trends and challenges with other New Members like you! Please note, the Virtual Roundtable program will NOT be recorded. Note, you may register as many individuals as you wish from your company.

What will we discuss?

You will discuss topics important to you. There are three different groups you can choose from. Here are a few sample questions:

Group A: Business & Operations (Facilitated by Nate Storey, COO of Storage Solutions)

  • What has been your biggest challenge or success in 2021?
  • What changes has your company made in the past 2 years?
  • Describe how you are addressing diversity initiatives in your company and the impact it is having.

Group B: Marketing & Sales (Facilitated by Lauren Zak, Director of Account Development, Concept Services)

  • What new technology is your company currently considering to help with digital marketing?
  • What approach has worked best to re-engage with customers?
  • What have you done proactively to maintain loyalty with key accounts?

Group C: Recruit & Retain (Facilitated by Todd Maxwell, COO, RMH Systems)

  • What steps have you taken or do you plan to take to enhance or improve the culture in your organization?
  • How are you addressing a hybrid and/or remote work environment? How do you see your workforce structure evolving?
  • In what ways are you modifying your recruitment strategies to attract skilled labor and other talent to your organization?

What is the registration fee and deadline?

MHEDA Gives Back! The (optional) registration fee is $25(+) per person. MHEDA will donate this fee to the No Kid Hungry foundation. Registration deadline is November 12th.

What is MHEDA-NET?

After our Roundtable you’ll hear from Nathan Storey, COO of Storage Solutions and MHEDA Board Member, about the value of MHEDA NET. MHEDA facilitates networking groups based on job title, experience level or people who meet at a MHEDA Event. Groups meet virtually to discuss best practices, business recommendations and hear different perspectives regarding day-to-day challenges. They are trusted sounding boards who meet on a scheduled basis, and MHEDA ensures there are no direct competitors in a group.


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