MHEDA Master Manager 2024 Program

> Access 10 e-Learning management and finance modules.
> Network with your MHEDA peers cohort.
> Connect during six live Zoom events with subject matter experts.
> Learn from anywhere in the world on your own schedule.
> Gain real life management skills training.

MHEDA Master Manager is a 10-week online learning program designed to help you learn the foundational principles and strategies of a traditional MBA curriculum, at a fraction of the cost and time. This is the fourth year we are offering this program, after getting excellent feedback from MHEDA Members. In additional to the online modules, every two weeks you will have the opportunity to participate in a live Zoom meeting with fellow MHEDA Members and learn from subject matter experts and network with your MHEDA peers.


The “MHEDA Master Manager” program is designed to equip new and seasoned managers teams with real world management tools and financial fundamentals to accelerate personal and professional success. This program is exclusively available to MHEDA Members.

If you have interest in enrolling more than ten team members, please reach out to to learn about the MHEDA Master Manager “Company Edition” and host a private cohort for your leadership team.


Over the past few years, the modern-day “workplace” has been radically changed forever. Based on a streamlined MBA curriculum, with relevant & actionable knowledge every leader in our industry needs. In just 10 weeks you will learn how to build organizational alignment, empower your team to serve your customers better, and the financial fundamentals to build a more profitable organization.

MHEDA has partnered with GoalMakers to help our members enhance their management skill set for a changing world. In addition to the learning, you will enjoy networking with your peers during the cohort Zoom sessions.

Registration Fee

NEW Early Bird Pairs Pricing – $695 each when you register in pairs of 2. (Ends July 31)

$795 – Early Bird Solo Pricing (Ends July 31)

$995 – Member Rate (After July 31)

Includes access to ten weeks of eLearning content and six live Zoom events with your MHEDA peers and experts.


  • 10-Weeks of Self-Paced Online MBA Based Curriculum: Anytime, anywhere access to 10 on-demand eLearning topics on your mobile or computer.
  • Interactive eLearning Elements: On-demand videos, interactive exercises, downloadable resources, audio stories, learning retention quizzes, end-of-program exam, and real-life company examples.
  • Live Industry Expert Facilitated Sessions: Bi-weekly you will have the opportunity to meet (via Zoom) the guest experts, and our lead facilitator to work through practice and implementation of the learnings.
  • A Social Learning Experience: Between the live sessions network and ask questions of your peers directly within the learning. Adding the social experience to the digital learning, even when not on live calls together.
  • Guided Digital Implementation Exercises: Using the embedded forms, you are guided to create, save, and share your work in real-time to actively create the actionable steps to implement this at your agency.
  • Your Learning Manual: You will receive a companion workbook to use as your guide throughout the program.
  • MHEDA Master Manager Certification: Upon completion, you will receive a verified digital badge as a “MHEDA Master Manager” you can use on LinkedIn and any digital platforms.


Week One: Set Goals All the Time (August 20 – August 27)
Craft a vision, your long-term goals three to five years from now and the North Star for your entire team. Learn what makes a ‘good goal’ and create company-wide, department-level, and individual goals that align with your vision.

Week Two: Focus on the Process, Not a Plan (August 27 – September 3)
Get a baseline of your company’s current status by collecting valuable information from the entire organization. Adopt an agile planning process to adapt in today’s ever-changing conditions.

Week Three: Coach the Right People (September 3 – September 10)
Clearly define positions and create position descriptions for ourselves and key roles within your organization. Identify the right natural abilities and determine if your people are in the best place for success.

Week Four: Serve the Right Customer (September 10 – September 17)
Identify your right customers, then determine how you find more of them. Build a sales process, streamline your operations processes, and foster a culture and strategies necessary to serve the right customer.

Week Five: Empower Your Entire Team (September 17 – September 24)
Learn how managers empower their team members by establishing clear goals and allowing people to achieve those goals in their own way. Implement our empowerment system of “wide boulevards, high curbs.”

Week Six: Do the Right Things Right (September 24 – October 1)
Use six simple tools to measure and manage your company’s performance. Build your own System of Managing, provide clarity and purpose, steering team members to accomplish their individual and company goals.

Week Seven: Master the Financial Documents (October 1 – October 8)
Understand how to read and use financial statements of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow projections as well as the change agents you can control to impact these metrics.

Week Eight: Real-World Financial Case Study (October 8 – October 15)
Focus on elements that grow (or shrink) the bottom line, through a real-world case study to help apply add context to the financials within the context of your own business.

Week Nine: The Financial Ratios (October 15 – October 22)
Understand the financial ratios, which matter most and how can you calculate these for your business. Then you will be pushed to set challenging yet realistic goals for your own ratios.

Week Ten: Break-Even Analysis: (October 22 – October 29)
The final module focuses on how to use break-even analysis not just as a once-a-year tool, but a calculation you can use daily. First calculate your contribution margin to determine the financial impact of everyday decisions at your business.


The MHEDA Master Manager ten-week facilitated program will run from bi-weekly August 20-October 29, 2024. This hybrid program blends self-paced eLearning with expert coaching, implementation exercises, and facilitated conversations with your peers.

The Live Sessions will take place via Zoom from 10 am – 11 am CT.

  1. August 20 – Program Kick-Off
  2. September 3 – Vision, Goals, Company Assessment & Business Planning Process
  3. September 17 – Hiring, Coaching, Position, Customer, Sales, Operations & Strategy
  4. October 1 – Management Styles, Systems of Management & Financial Preparedness
  5. October 15 – Financial Fundamentals Analysis
  6. October 29 – Wrap Up & Graduation

The MHEDA Master Manager Program is hosted by GoalMakers. Learn more about GoalMakers here.


Jeremy Wall is the CEO of GoalMakers. Jeremy will be guiding you throughout the ten-week program and is available for support at any point outside of our live sessions throughout the ten weeks. Wall has a background in product design and business development, most recently as CEO of an IoT company in the mobility industry. After exiting that business, Wall did private consulting before joining Cioffi to expand GoalMakers programs to a global audience in the online training & education market.


Jim Ripkey is President, Industrial Equipment, for Hy-Tek Intralogisitcs headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. He has over 33 years of material handling dealership experience, including leading sales, operations, marketing, and administration. Jim is a member of MHEDA’s Board of Directors.


> MHEDA Master Manager Program Page: An overview of the MHEDA Master Manager Program with links to register today.

> GoalMakers Program Preview: Preview the Program Content from MHEDA Master Manager’s Week Four, Serve the Right Customer.

> Successful Clients: Video Testimonials from successful companies that have experienced the GoalMakers Business School programs.


Excellent course. Laid out very well to cover a lot of material in a relatively short period of time. The live sessions were very helpful in bringing all the information together. – Bruce DeFord, National Lift Truck, Inc.

The best online course I’ve taken. Going to recommend others in the company. – Daren Froeschle, Warehouse1.

In my opinion, the GoalMakers program is the best course within MHEDA. We implemented the entire program in real-time at our company, every strategy and principle, step by step and it has set up for the next year at our company to be successful. – Gerardo Padilla, SEIL Rentals

In our industry, what we need to know is how to take care of the right customer, make profit, have goals, and make people accountable for what they do at their organizations, which the program checks all those boxes on. I’ve already implemented parts of the program at our company. I wanted to say thank you for helping push our company in the right direction with our goals and our goal setting. It was important, I got a lot from it, it’s all about what you put into the program. – Mike Hudak, Conveyor & Caster

I learned a ton throughout the program, probably the most important was empowering your entire team and giving wide boulevards. Already told the chief of staff at the company to put more employees into the program! I got a ton of value from it. – Jesse Collins, Alliance Material Handling

This is a very valuable training program. I plan to train all W.W. Cannon managers with this program. Great mix of networking and live sessions. The material is spot on. – Greg Brown, W.W. Cannon

I think the program overall is great. It’s very informative and knowledgeable, it helps you open up your mind to things you haven’t thought about and new perspectives. – Tony Medlen, Cranston Material Handling

It’s pretty exciting, we have our entire team using the GMT Meeting and Daily Huddles template and now managing our company progress using all the tools from the GoalMakers program. We’ve changed our goal setting model to be more in line with MHEDA Master Manager program, focusing on three goals and our end result and how it aligns with our three goals. This program is really well-done and truly valuable to anyone who can make the time to go through it. – Matt Fye, Morrison Industrial Equipment Co.