Hiring Best Practices for Material Handling

Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM Central Time
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Presented by Cherie Shepard, Partner, and Executive Search Director of DRI’s Material Handling Practice

Webinar Description


Hiring the right candidate is never an easy task. Where do you go; people you know, job boards, LinkedIn, recruiting services? The idea is to hire slow and fire fast. What you should really consider is to hire smart. Bringing on new employees is only one piece of growing your teams. Yes, you need to get resumes, interview, discuss, re-interview and offer. However, it does not end when the candidate signs an offer.

There are many things that can get in the way of this person actually making it to their first day on the job. In addition, what happens on their first day, week, month and year? What can you do to get them to stay; to retain them? Hiring and training is an expensive proposition, but YOU need them to STAY. This discussion will give you the tools to recruit, train, onboard and retain great employees.

About the Speaker


Cherie Shepard, Partner, and Executive Search Director of DRI’s Material Handling Practice, has over 12 years of experience working with the leaders in the industry. Cherie works daily to expand this specialty segment by staying current with industry news and trends. In addition to phone and video conversations with the industry’s thought leaders, she routinely travels to trade shows and networking opportunities to meet with these leaders. As one of the most resourceful material handling recruiters in the United States, she is known for her ability to quickly comprehend clients’ unique needs and identify high caliber talent compatible and capable of working in their specific environment and company culture. Cherie prides herself on her communication with her clients and candidates; keeping them informed throughout the process is the hallmark of building successful relationships.

Cherie founded the DRI Women’s Group in 2013 when the company had a handful of women on staff. Since then, the company is now close to 50% women. Cherie earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from Cleveland State University and serves as a positive role model for women wanting both a family and successful career. She has two adult children in the Cleveland area. She and her husband love to travel and enjoy the antics of their Yellow Lab, Louie