Frequently Asked Questions

MVP Distributor Award

QUESTION     Please explain the timing of the MVP Award Program.

ANSWER    The MVP Award application will be available in late-summer each year and is based on the previous years’ activity. In other words, requirements must have been met in the current calendar year for recognition in the next year. For example, 2024 MVP status is based on activity in 2023.

QUESTION     Do I need to re-apply for the MVP Award every year?

ANSWER     Yes, MVP status is awarded each year based on activity in the previous year.

2024 MVP Application - Deadline: 01/31/24

QUESTION     Do I need to get a letter of recommendation from my customer or can I use another letter they have written to complement our service or an employee?

ANSWER     Yes – you do need a letter of recommendation for the MVP Award from a customer.  Requiring a letter of recommendation from a customer helps create awareness of MHEDA among end users and allows your customer to applaud your efforts as an outstanding service provider.

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QUESTION     How do I confirm my supplier is a current MHEDA member and therefore able to write a letter of recommendation for my company?

ANSWER     You can check any company’s membership status via the MHEDA website at in the member search or call the MHEDA office at 847-680-3500.

QUESTION     Who will see my application/letters of recommendation?

ANSWER     Only staff sees the application and the letters of recommendation. Additionally, MHEDA will never publish the name of a customer unless we first receive written permission from the member company and the customer.

QUESTION     Can I submit an accomplishment or activity that is NOT listed under one of the Five Areas of Excellence for consideration as criteria for MVP Status?

ANSWER     Yes, please write a brief summary of the accomplishment or activity, including dates and which Area of Excellence you believe it fits under, and send to Kathy Cotter’s attention at MHEDA so that the MHEDA Membership Committee can review it.

QUESTION     Please explain the “Give Back” requirement. 

ANSWER     MHEDA has determined that active involvement in programs and activities that give back to your community are important to your employees and your distributor partners.  Your participation must be active and go beyond financial support of a cause or organization.  Please see Give Back Program to see some examples.