2018 Compensation Survey

Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Study Deadline Extended to May 1

Participate today and understand how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare to other distributors.

New this year! MHEDA has partnered with Industry Insights, a firm that specializes in providing high-quality survey research for associations, along with over twenty-five leading distributor-oriented associations to deliver the 2018 Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Study. It is projected that over 800 distributors will be participating in this study resulting in robust data to benchmark including the ability to drill-down geographically to see if your firm is competitive in your market.

Confidentiality: Only the Industry Insights staff will have access to your financial information. Every precaution has been taken to protect the complete confidentiality of all information. The MHEDA staff will never have access to your information.

How to Participate - Before the April 13 Deadline - Extended to May 1

Members can choose to participate through Industry Insights online portal or by completing the Excel or PDF versions of the survey.

If you choose to use the Excel or PDF surveys, please submit the completed form by emailing it to comp@industryinsights.com.


Complete the online survey using Industry Insight's Online Portal

Complete the survey using the Excel Spreadsheet

Complete the survey filling out the PDF document


The Cross Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey will provide you with the data driven results to make informed decisions about your workforce. Participants in the Cross Industry and Benefits Survey will receive information related to: 

  • Recruiting and Retention
  • Compensation for:
  • 5 most common C-Suite positions
  • 35+ common positions across the following operational departments:
  • General and Administrative
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations/Warehouse
  • Information Technology
  • Benefits (Retirement, Healthcare, Vacation, etc.)
  • Salespeople Policies


Types of Information Provided

Introduction — Insight into the report layout, how to interpret the numbers in the report and how users should apply the information to their own situations.

Executive Summary — A graphical overview of the demographic breakdown of the respondents and key compensation and benefits information, aggregated by various characteristics.

Detailed Information — Easy-to-follow tables showing compensation and benefits information for selecting data aggregations including MHEDA distributor data, all cross-industry respondents, data by revenue size, data by geographic region, and other key data segments.

Enhanced Value for Distributors

Value for distributors that contribute their data to the study include:

Company-Specific Compensation Report — A confidential, individualized report of a participant's own data shown alongside the appropriate comparatives. This represents an important incentive to participate in the study providing participants with a useful managerial tool for identifying compensation levels that may be too high or too low as well as the strength of your benefit packages.

Free Report — MHEDA distributors who submit their data to the 2018 study will receive the full report along with the company-specific report at no cost.