March 15, 2018

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Central Time
Presented by Andy McNulty, Founding Partner, CPMA

Registration Fee: $99 Members; $199 Non-Members




Twenty-two percent of staff turnover occurs during the first forty-five days of employment. Forty-six percent of new employees do not last 18 months. This is not their fault. This is our fault.

An effective on-boarding program creates an environment where employees are 69% more likely to stay beyond three years and not just stay, but stay and actually be productive. This presentation will focus on the difficulties organizations have creating a standardized on-boarding program for new employees, and the costs associated with those difficulties. It will then illustrate the value of an effective on-boarding program and provide an example of what one looks like.


  • What does a new employee need to know about working for the organization?
  • Who should be responsible for teaching the new employee what it is he/she should know?
  • How long should the new person spend on the assorted items to learn?
  • What if there are multiple facilities in the organization across different cities or states?
  • Can we do this ourselves or do we need an outside organization or software program?


If finding and keeping productive employees is one of your key challenges, this program will have value for you and your organization. If you’ve ever been the new employee to an organization, or if you’ve ever been responsible for the new person, then you know how it feels and how frustrating it can be.

This is not a complicated initiative that takes weeks of meetings and pages of analysis and pallets of cash. It is a simple process to format, implement, and refine. It can be in place by the time your next new hire comes “on-board.”



Andy McNulty is a communication consultant based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Andy began his career in the material handling industry, where he was exposed to his very first professional development training, both as an attendee, and as a certified trainer. From there he moved on to work in the technology sector for a few years before he jumped at the opportunity to work full time in personal development, where he has been for over 15 years.

Andy is the founding partner of Communication Performance Management Associates, and has worked with organizations such as Mitsubishi-Caterpillar, Toyota Material Handling, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Coca-Cola, W.W. Grainger, Merrill Lynch and John Deere.



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