Thank you to all the MHEDA members that support the annual convention and exhibitor showcase! Read what some of the 2022 convention attendees said about the event below and view the complete 2022 convention recap for even more pictures and details.

“One of the best MHEDA Conventions I’ve experienced! People were eager to get out and see one another!” – Nathan Andrews, Morse Mfg Co, Inc

“The speakers and content were spot on! Well done. The MHEDA staff and Board of Directors orchestrated an outstanding conversation for 2022 in Orlando. Well done!” –  Craig Hayward, Alliance Material Handling

“I am blown away at the level of professionalism (and patriotism!), opportunities to network, quality of presenters & welcoming nature of MHEDA. Fantastic 1st convention for me!!” - Jeremy Prichard, TrinDocs

“One of my most memorable MHEDA events ever!” – Adam Wray, Nashville Wire Product

“This convention was terrific. I felt the speakers were very relevant to todays challenges so the value they brought was perfect. I also enjoyed the schedule. It kept moving without a ton of downtime.” – Steve Strenck, Gregory Poole Lift Systems

“Well planned and executed. Content was powerful and relevant.” – Bill Smith, TruPat America

“Everything was top of the line from speakers to food to entertainment. Very well put together! Fantastic experience! I think I take more valuable information back from MHEDA than other trade shows/conventions.” – Cameron Wilson, Cisco-Eagle

“Above and beyond expectations. Excellent networking sessions. As a first time attendee, I don’t ever want to miss a single MHEDA Convention!!” – Anthony Hanna, Stellana

“The willingness to help, guide and collaborate from everyone starting by the MHEDA staff to the leadership, the exhibitors, attendees and universities.” – Taoufik Haddadi, Ryson International

“Extremely well done. Great opening speaker. Strong presenters in every session I attended. Nice give back event.” – Steve Lippert, Hamilton Caster

“Everything went off without a hitch. The speakers were relevant to the diverse group. The staff was extremely helpful and fun to interact with.” – Greg Ramos, Facility Supplies

“You always hope to be able to bring at least one thing back to implement either personally or company wide and I have more than five.” – Brian Reaves, Southern States Toyota Lift