Tri Lite Announces Launch of DL2 Series, a New Generation of Loading Dock Arms and Lights

Tri Lite announces the launch of the DL2 Series, a new generation of loading dock arms and lights.

The DL2 Series is a family of loading dock arms and lights reimagined and designed to be the future of dock lighting. The expanded breadth of offering resolves a wide range of challenges that have endured for years with traditional dock lights. The entire offering includes additional arm lengths to accommodate a broader range of applications, optimized arm design, and the introduction of Integrated LED technology into dock arms.

Flagship “IL” products feature the introduction of Integrated LED technology into dock arms. This patented technology eliminates the need for light heads, making the lights lighter, safer and easier to use, with less glare on operators while providing the same light levels as those with heads. The DL2 Series’ patented curved arm design fits around door tracks without the need for additional joints or tubing, and the rectangular design significantly increases the strength and weight capacity compared to traditional dock arms. The DL2 Series arms include a bump-stop feature that prevents the arms from obstructing doors.

Although the Integrated LED Loading Dock Arms are the flagship, the DL2 Series also includes a line of non-integrated dock arms and LED light heads. The non-integrated arms use the same curved arm design, rectangular tubing, and bump stop feature, making them a stronger, modernized, and streamlined alternative to traditional arm designs. The most popular Tri Lite Light Heads have been optimized around state-of-the-art LED light sources to provide a minimalistic form factor with greater durability and high-quality illumination that reaches deeper into trailers, all while enhancing safety features to protect operators and equipment.

The DL2 Series also utilizes universal brackets, making it very easy to install or retrofit existing dock lights without the need to drill new holes or install new mounting studs.

“We, at Tri Lite, wanted to do more than just introduce the latest in LED technology, we wanted to solve customer pain points.  Our innovative design isn’t just meant to look cool; it Improves the user’s experience when they’re performing their tasks.  The DL2 Series centers on safety, strength and ease of use while utilizing the latest in LED technology in a streamlined design,” said Enrique Albarran, Senior Manager of Product Management at Tri Lite.

We are ready to take orders now for shipping starting in November 2022! Contact Tri Lite to place an order at (800) 322-5250 or (773) 384-7765, or by email at For more information, visit

About Tri Lite: Tri Lite is a brand of Bird-X, Inc. with a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty lighting and electrical products for the material handling and safety markets.

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