SMC Data Systems Hosting FREE Webinar on Cost Savings at the Warehouse on October 20

On October 20, at 11am, SMC Data Systems is pleased to present a FREE Webinar addressing Cost Savings in the Warehouse. In today’s uncertain reality cost savings are essential. The supermarket half-empty shelves were a bitter wake-up call for all of us. This Webinar will be informative discussing Warehouse Automation and The Future of Supply Chain.

“According to a survey conducted by Gartner, One-Third of Supply Chain Leaders Moved Business Out of China or Plan to by 2023”

Knowing what inventory availability is in the warehouse after it was allocated for future orders and production and having a good handle on purchase orders is essential. Not having good inventory control will result in orders returned, double freight bills, and interrupted production.

Dani Kaplan will be discussing solutions and future challenges that the supply chain industry will face, topics such as achieving accurate inventory control at the warehouse. Dani has over 40 years of experience in the industry helping clients manage their inventory, reduce cost and eliminate waste.

To watch, click here:

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