Santana Equipment Trading Celebrates their 20-year Anniversary Announcing Move and Expansion

Santana Equipment Trading Company, one of the fastest growing companies in the material handling industry, is celebrating their 20 years in business. Since the opening of the company, in 1999, Santana has been able to successfully provide customers with great quality used equipment. In the year of 1999, Santana began their business with their focus solely on wholesale equipment, since then, they’ve grown into one of the most recognized business in the industry. Today, they serve the wholesale, retail, and rental industry. As they continue to grow, they hope to continue expanding into different markets and all around the United States.

This month Santana Equipment Trading Co. is celebrating their 20-year anniversary by happily announcing their plans of moving their Gurnee headquarters to a much substantial location in the North Chicago-Land area, located at 2740 Cable Place, North Chicago, IL 60064. This 1.5-acre location will consist of spacious offices and a significantly bigger warehouse, to support its growth for the next several years.

Santana Equipment’s new headquarters will be located off Bobby E. Thompson Expressway and just 10 minutes away from the 1-94 Interstate. It will have contemporary offices, mechanic shop, showroom and numerous other amenities enabling Santana Equipment to bring the highest quality service. The new mechanic shop will serve as the major key for growth since it will allow the space for faster production and extensive inventory. The warehouse will be able to accommodate twice as much equipment as the current Gurnee warehouse is able to accommodate. This will serve as an increase in inventory and a very extensive rental fleet. This new 1.5-acre location will also feature 3 loading docks which will serve as a resource for shipping inventory quicker and receiving equipment in higher quantities. Santana Equipment Trading Co. expects to be in their new location by the end of summer.

Nate Service, Vice President and Partner of Santana Equipment Trading Company, notes “This move will really allow us to exceed and reach our potential as a business. Inventory and production will have a huge increase. We’re excited to see what’s to come for the future.”

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About Santana Equipment Trading Company
Santana Equipment Trading Company is an industry leader in the material handling market. Santana primarily buys and sells used forklifts – working with Fortune 1000 companies, banking institutions, dealers, and industry giants in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Santana Equipment Trading Company is a privately held organization headquartered in the Chicago area.

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