RMH Systems Not-So-Open House Recap

Last month, RMH Systems put on our first not-so-open house in our robotics warehouse in Waukee, IA. This open house provided customers the opportunity to see our facility, meet our team, and better understand our capabilities, specifically in robotics. Our Robotics Manager, Eric Copeland, led customer representatives through the robotics facility touching on each system as it was running.  It gave customers a chance to see robotic cells in motion and ask any questions surrounding automation.

“We saw this open house as an education opportunity for not only our clients, but our team as well” said Michael Dunn, Marketing Coordinator. “Understanding our client’s perspective on robotics and automation can help shape how we market our capabilities.  This format of engagement helps the RMH team understand the goals and concerns of our customers, which in turn, helps  our team provide more useful offerings to our clients.”

Many people do not understand how dynamic and customizable robots are in industrial applications, and that was on showcase during our event. We brought in a number of FANUC demo units to help demonstrate different robotic opportunities. Including high-speed pick and place, case packing, and precision material handling.

In addition to the demo units, we had multiple active RMH projects on display. The systems on display were designed for customers in the food processing and agricultural chemical industries.  They are all palletizing cells differing in complexity and product handling. One project was a simple single palletizing cell meant to palletize boxes. The second cell consisted of two robots – 1 for palletizing and 1 for depalletizing that will book end the end-of-line packaging of an automated 2-gallon jug wet fill line. The final project was a 4-robot palletizing cell fed by custom conveyor sortation that tied into automated stretch wrappers. These were all designed and built by RMH Systems. These systems provided our customers the chance to see robotics in real applications and allowed them to see the robots up close and personal.

Overall, this open house provided an opportunity for our robotics team to show off our capabilities as a systems house while engaging in meaningful dialogue with our clients. We had 20 different companies from across the Midwest participate.

Want to learn more about automation? Check out our automation resource page here! If you want to discuss potential robotic or automation opportunities with our team you can fill out our contact us form here or schedule a time for a free automation consultation here.

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