RMH Systems, Inc. Provides Packaging Solutions for Coronavirus Vaccine

Waukee, Iowa: RMH Systems, Inc. would like to congratulate Pfizer on the first distribution of coronavirus vaccines this month, which marks the beginning of the largest mass-vaccination effort in American history. Together with our partner Felins, RMH Systems, Inc. is proud to have helped source the ultrasonic bands and equipment used to package and distribute the coronavirus vaccine. The urgency, complexity and significance of this project, required strong collaboration with suppliers. Felins was right there to assist in finding the precise solution for this unique and remarkable effort.

“It was humbling to see footage of the packages leave the plant and know RMH is providing an effective solution to help carry the vaccine to millions of awaiting Americans.” says Marc Collis, Packaging General Manager at RMH Systems Inc. “This definitely tops the list of important recent projects for us.”

About RMH Systems, Inc.

For more than 80 years, RMH Systems has been providing machinery, materials and custom turnkey automation solutions for our customers. We design, engineer, integrate, and install equipment systems that help companies work better, safer, and more efficiently. Our material handling,industrial automation and packaging services extend throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas City and surrounding states.

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