Phoenix Lighting Joins MHEDA

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – November 4, 2020 – Phoenix Lighting has joined MHEDA, the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association. Phoenix Lighting will bring industry expertise in loading dock lighting that maximizes loading dock safety and productivity. Phoenix is known for USA made, quality LED lighting and responsive customer service.

MHEDA programs and services are accessed by thousands of industry professionals each year who are seeking to help their business stay competitive and their employees stay connected. As a part of this network of industry professionals, Phoenix Lighting is able to access professional development programs, best practice benchmarking and networking opportunities, all specific to the material handling industry.

“Phoenix is no stranger to the material handling industry,” said Ryan Hertel, Chief Commercial Officer. “In fact, Phoenix developed the very first loading dock light in 1960, and since then our innovations have been inspired by our customers. As a MHEDA member we can better serve distributors and understand the evolving lighting needs of their customers.”

For over 75 years, Phoenix has been manufacturing lighting fixtures for the most demanding applications in Milwaukee, WI. Phoenix designs and engineer’s quality dock lights that provide uniform light from the dock door to the back of the trailer while withstanding the everyday abuse it can be subject to. With unrivaled industry expertise and the highest level of technology available, Phoenix’s light fixtures bring a new level of safety and efficiency to your operations. For more information on Phoenix, please visit

Contact Phoenix:
Melissa De Jesus
Strategic Sales Manager
1 414.617.6491



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